It has been years since I used cannabis – I want to try again.

I am in my 40’s and I really haven’t used any form of cannabis in over 20 years. I have been medically and clinically diagnosed with PTSD and severe anxiety and chronic depression. I am looking to calm and be relaxed. I stopped smoking it because it made me think too much and I would get anxious. I really didn’t enjoy it at all anymore. And I tried CBD last year but it did nothing for me.

I know that these days things are very different. And I am in Canada where it is legal in fact I live about 150 meters from a store that sells all kinds of cannabis and cannabis accessories. But with COVID they seem to be doing a curbside pickup thing and just wandering in and talking to someone is not looking very practical.

I could post a link to the store but that might be frowned on. Just to give an idea what is available. I was thinking nice and easy would be pre-rolled. But that is as about as far as I can figure. I am at a loss. And to be honest talking to my friends who smoke seems kind of embarrassing. And they would probably just make me more unsure because they are goofy…They are my friends after all.


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