Cannabis For Sleep: How To Get A Good Night’s Rest!

Cannabis For Sleep: How To Get A Good Night’s Rest!

A good night sleep is hard to come by for some, and we want to explore in today’s blog: Cannabis For Sleep: How To Get A Good Night’s Rest!

Have you been a long-time sufferer of insomnia? Or maybe you always seem to get up in the middle of the night, unable to get your ‘Zzzz’s’ back?

We all know that when we don’t receive a good, quality and proper sleep it can affect everything we do for days on end. Right?

For some people, cannabis is the answer for a good night sleep!

What Cannabis Strains Help Me Sleep?

Indica is generally the better strain of them all to get a good night’s sleep. Sativa’s are known for boosting mood and giving you energy – definitely not something you want before bed!

You want to look for a strain that has the best of everything in it for you, and sometimes my buds, its all about trial and error.

You may have some more sleepeless nights in your immediate future OR you may find the perfect strain for you!

This is because everyone reacts differently to cannabis, regardless of the generalization that each strain brings to the table.

CBG dominant cannabis strains

Combined, terpenes, THC, and CBD come together as an entourage effect, that determine how your body will respond to the strain of choice.

If the strain of weed you like has terpenes like limonene, which is lemon and energy-boosting for the most part – it may not work well for you.

Learn more about terpenes and cooking with terpenes here.

Many quality strains and products will actually indicate that they are “good for sleep” – which just makes life so much easier when you’re already lacking focus and motivation!

Which Method For Consuming Cannabis is Best?

This may not be for you, but you can try a number of different methods when consuming cannabis before bedtime.

Taking edibles (and the right amount) may do the trick perfectly.

CBD edibles at home

You may also love going back to simpler times, and smoking up a few hours before bed.

Oils and edibles are always wonderful, and depending on your body, should be taken a few hours prior to bed.

Getting Ready For Sleep With Weed

Another wonderful suggestion when experimenting with the right amount and strain of weed is to create a cozy sleepy-time routine.

Here’s what you could do:

  • make a hot cup of cannabis tea and take it to bed. Cozy up and let the cannabis do its magic!
  • re-do your bedroom if the budget permits! Create a super cozy, de-cluttered bedroom space that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you enter. This means removing technology. ( we know it sucks, but it might just work!)
  • brew up a batch of cannabis hot cocoa and let your body warm up with every sip, and then have a nice relaxing bubble bath with CBD bath bombs!

Cannabis For Sleep: How To Get A Good Night’s Rest!

Let us know in the comments below which strain is your favorite to fall asleep with! We’d love to hear from you.

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