Best Sites for Cannabis Guest Posts

Best sites for cannabis guest posts brainstorming clouds.Best sites for cannabis guest posts brainstorming clouds.

Cannabis Blog Post Brainstorming

Are you a budding cannabis writer looking for online opportunities to submit and showcase your work? Would you like to drive traffic to you own blog or website by backlinking for free, in addition?

If your answer is affirmative to the above, you’ve arrived at the right place. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best sites for cannabis guest posts, ranked in terms of affordability and backlinking options.

Best Sites For Cannabis Guest Posts

#1 Cannabisreports

Our #1 vote goes to Cannabisreports for the best and most affordable site to post your cannabis-related writing on. Cannabisreports, with their abundance of 420 reviews and all the latest cannabis news, is continuously growing as a cannabis blogging website. You get to post a blog of 500 words on Cannabisreports for free, or you can pay $99 for an unlimited word count per post.

Cannabisreports provides great results for SEO, holding a domain ranking authority of 45 and growing monthly. This website also enables you to add authoritative backlinks to your site at a low cost, meaning you can improve your SEO for a low-cost and link back to an article from your website to improve your own rankings.

As an official guest poster, you can submit articles on a wide selection of categories: CBD, Hemp, Marijuana Dispensaries, Marijuana Strains, Marijuana Growing, Marijuana Cooking, Marijuana Extractions, Marijuana Products, Marijuana Education, Marijuana Entertainment and many more.

Submit your posts to Cannabisreports at:

#2 CBD Testers

If you’re in the CBD business and want to get a great backlink to your site and get featured on a high traffic website, you don’t necessarily have to look much further than number two on our list of the best sites for cannabis guest posts.

Submit your cannabis sponsored blog posts to this organization to get noted and improve your own website rankings. Just be sure to read and follow their guidelines, as they can be pretty strict.

Submit your marijuana guest post to:

#3 Marijuana Mommy

Marijuana Mommy only accepts marijuana guest posts from cannabis clinical experts with verifiable malpractice insurance. They also accept sponsored marijuana posts starting at $250. The only requirements are that you are legitimate, write high-quality content, provide original guest posts with only one industry-related backlink in the bio.

Submit your posts to Marijuana Mommy, here:

#4 Green Rush Daily

This is another great content site that’s looking for marijuana and cannabis writers just like you to develop their web content. They even have an editorial internship if you are looking for a job, although their best feature is enabling you with a high-powered backlink that will send your page to the top of Google.

Submit your posts to Green Rush Daily, here:

#5 Green Dorphin

Green Dorphin’s main mission is to guide and enhance the progression of a better ‘human-cannabis relationship.’, by providing education about cannabis and the responsibility that comes with using it to the public masses. They are vastly growing by ever-expanding their reach and blog artillery.

You can submit a marijuana guest post to this great marijuana-prone content site. You can get featured quite easily and of course, get a great backlink that’ll move you up the SEO ladder quickly. With Green Dorphin, you’ll likely get some good referral traffic from guest posting there.

Green Dorphin likes articles that revolve around research and updates regarding marijuana, as well as how-to articles and the sharing of personal life-changing stories about marijuana.

The international movement of medical and recreational use of marijuana, how cannabis can benefit your wellbeing, and how to improve the human cannabis experience are all inherent themes to write about.

Submit your articles to Green Dorphin, here:

#6 THC Overdose

One of the fastest growing online publishers in the cannabis industry, THC Overdose scours the cannabis landscape searching for stories that blow the mind. Intending to transform the way people view cannabis, they aim to provide a unique experience. You too can show off your talent by writing for this site.

Send your resume to THC Overdose here:

#7 Kush CA

Kush CA is Cali’s premier blog for cannabis culture, and they’re seeking submissions of marijuana guest posts for 2021. They’re looking for interviews, features, profiles, music reviews, historical pieces, blog posts, and just about anything cannabis-related.

Since Kush CA is located in the California Bay Area, they prefer contributors to live around the Cali Bay Area too. You can submit your cannabis guest post to this super-hip blog that has a fast-growing audience.

You can also submit your cannabis-related guest post or HTML formatted horizontal banner to feature on the site’s sidebar at reasonable ad prices. Allowing up to 3 non-affiliate links per post, this site provides the perfect opportunity to get quality backlinks to your website or blog and to help you boost your Google rankings.

Submit your posts to:

#8 The Weedstreet Journal

As an obvious spin-off to the Wallstreet Journal, the Weedstreet Journal has a bunch of content on strains, news, laws, product reviews relating to the world of cannabis. They’re on the lookout for contributors that have a passion for marijuana and want to help us spread the word about this great plant.

The Weedstreet Journal boasts content on a wide spectrum of cannabis culture topics. Whether you’re a master grower or an activist with a knack for writing and a passion for cannabis, they want to hear from you.

Send your cannabis post to Weedstreet Journal:

#9 Shaded Co

Shaded Co is an online weed distributor in Canada with a large blog that accepts cannabis-related guest posts. Some of their current content revolves around everything from finding the best online dispensary, to learning how to roll a joint.

Featuring an unbiased and wide range of information, resources, coupons and reviews, you have an infinite writing canvas. To get noted on the cannabis online niche, try submitting your marijuana guest post to Shaded Co.

Submit your articles to Shaded Co:

#10 Colorado Pot Guide

The Colorado Pot Guide is arguably one of the biggest blogs based in Colorado. With that said, they are much more than a blog – offering a nifty dispensary directory and deal site in addition to the strains reviews. The best is yet to come: They also have a news and culture blog that allows you to submit guest posts that get over 700,000 visitors a month.

Contribute to the Colorado Pot Guide:

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