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Pickalily Herb Farm & Apiary

Medical Delivery Only

Menu for Jan


Premium Flower:1/8 $35, ¼ $65. ½ $110. 1 OZ $200.
Mon Wed Friday
Special 1 OZ $180.Mix or Full

AC/DC (CBD Sativa)
Blue Dream (Hybrid Sativa Dominant)
Blueberry Kush (Hybrid)
Blue Skunk (Hybrid)
Cookie Pebbles (50/50 Sativa, Indica Hybrid)
Key Lime Pie (Hybrid)
Maine Band (Hybrid Sativa Dominant)
Mimosa (Hybrid)
Mother of Berries AKA MOB (Hybrid Indica Dominant)
Head Shine (Hybrid Indica Dominant)
Master Kush (Hybrid)
Orange Diesel Silver 13 (THC Sativa)
Orange Diesel X CBD Diesel (CBD/THC Hybrid)
Papaya OG (Hybrid)
SFV Star (Hybrid)
Skywalker OG (Hybrid)
White Widow (Hybrid)

Pre-rolls: $10 each:
Jelly Bean (Hybrid Sativa Dominant)
Bobo Kush (Hybrid Indica50/Sativa 50)
SFV Star (Hybrid Indica Dominant)
CBD Orange Diesel (CBD/ THC Hybrid)

Pamolab Full Spectrum Cartridges
$30. Each
Varieties change weekly
Pen with battery $20

CBD Bath Bombs $10. Each
CBD Better Body Bath Bar Herbal Scrub $10. Each
*Both are great for improving chronic skin conditions.
CBD Lotions 2 OZ $35 4 OZ $55.
*Deliveries must be over $100.within 30 miles of Buxton or additional fees may apply
Patients who sign on with us, will receive 10% discount on flower

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