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Your general health is the first place you should focus on in order to improve your daily life. In fact, people are becoming more physically active and rely on well-balanced diets in order to enhance their wellbeing. Some of them even opt for daily supplements to help them support their immune system as well as their mental health.

CBD oil and hemp oil, for example, have grown in popularity in recent years and more people are incorporating these products into their everyday lives. While there is still ongoing research about both, the evidence so far shows that CBD oil and hemp oil can actually be very beneficial for the general and mental health of people.

In this post, we have compiled a brief guide of how and why you should consider incorporating CBD oil and hemp oil in your daily regime.

Distinguishing between CBD oil and hemp oil

Whether people are new to both oils or are active consumers, they continue to ask the main question – what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

First off, both cannabis-infused products share one very important characteristic and that is the absence or limited amount of THC present in them. This simply means that they don’t provide the psychoactive effect which is also known as the “high” as other cannabis-infused products do.

On the other hand, both oils are very different in their production and where they come from. CBD oil is derived from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant through the process of extraction, while hemp oil comes from the seeds only and is made through the process of cold pressing. Both CBD oil and hemp oil benefit people differently. So keep reading to find out how they can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Introducing CBD oil in your daily routine

In the nighttime to improve sleep

A night of good sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Those who get adequate hours of sleep are likely to be healthier and more focused during the day. Therefore, if you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep, you should turn to CBD for help.

When consumed,CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for maintaining a state of balance and stability. This interaction results in calming the nerves and relaxing the mind, allowing you to get some quality sleep.

For post-workout sessions

If you are one of those people who engage in intense physical activities, it is important to take care of your muscles afterward in order to avoid muscle strain, pain, or inflammation. According to research studies, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help in speeding up the process of recovery from workouts.

In addition, as a result of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, your body’s function will run more efficiently which means that your muscles will be able to recover quickly after your workout session.

Boost your mood state

There are people who suffer from various forms of anxiety which leads to mood swings and higher stress levels. So if you are looking to reduce your anxiety symptoms and boost your mood, CBD can help you achieve just that.

In general, CBD has antidepressant properties that help tremendously in enhancing the mood by increasing serotonin levels. It can also reduce neuroinflammation which results in a better mood state and cognitive function.

Incorporating hemp oil into your daily routine

As part of your diet

One of the biggest advantages of hemp oil is its rich nutritional value which can undoubtedly enhance your general wellbeing. In fact, it contains many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which are essential for keeping your immune system in great condition.

There are many ways you can incorporate hemp oil into your diet. For example, you can use it in your salads or when you are preparing different sauces for your pasta. The result will be a new flavour dimension that you can add to any classic meal.

Improve your skin

Hemp oil can also be used topically on your skin which is why there has been an increasing amount of skincare products containing it. It has many nourishing vitamins and moisturising qualities that have proven beneficial in improving skin health.

For example, it can moisturise the skin without clogging the pores which means it can be used for all skin types. It also balances the oil production which further helps in keeping your skin hydrated and free of acne.

Enhance brain and heart health

Hemp oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are essential in maintaining your brain and heart health. According to a research study, it was proven that hemp oil contains other active compounds such as polyphenols which help protect the brain against inflammation.

As for improving heart health, the presence of fatty acids also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, one study has shown that using hemp oil has positive effects on lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Proper dosage of CBD oil and hemp oil

Although both products have proven beneficial in improving your general wellbeing, it is still important to be well informed on what the proper dosage for you is.

Generally speaking, the right amount of CBD oil or hemp oil depends on several factors including your weight, age and concentration of CBD-infused products. In fact, most health professionals recommend starting with the lowest dose possible and working your way up. This is because everybody metabolises the ingredient differently so it is important that you find the one that is tailored according to your needs.

Final thoughts

In between all the work, family gatherings and house chores, people often forget to work on improving their way of living. And fortunately, such self-improvements don’t require making big gestures so you can start by introducing CBD oil and hemp oil into your life. While there is still ongoing research about how they can benefit people, so far both products have shown promising results in improving overall health and quality of life. Make sure you refer back to this guide to familiarise yourself with the benefits of CBD oil and hemp oil and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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