Rexx Life Raj talks Bay Area artistry, ‘California Poppy 2,’ cannabis disparities

Rexx Life Raj has assumed many roles throughout his life. Raj, at one point, was Faraji Omar Wright, a Division 1 athlete with musical aspirations and the son of a Black Panther. The Rexx Life Raj we know now is a critically acclaimed rapper who has self-proclaimed the role of the “Berkeley superhero.”

He insisted it wasn’t deliberate. According to Raj, his nickname was simply a line from one of his songs that just so happened to stick. It could be daunting to some, the act of forfeiting normal life and taking on a Herculean title. It’s a role one could imagine belonging to more elaborate cinematic universes. Raj, however, explained it simply giving back to the Bay Area just came from the desire to help others, to be a figure the community could look up to.

Since picking up a Casio keyboard to bang out a few beats, his passion for music hasn’t waned. Even as a football player at Boise State University, music was on the brain. And now, during the pandemic, he’s found solace in music-making. “It’s kind of like my escape when I can’t leave,” Raj said in an interview with The Daily Californian.

Recently, he’s been in and out of studios from Los Angeles to the Bay, recording his newest album California Poppy 2. Raj has been working to perfect his sound with this album. He’s refined the details of California Poppy 2, speaking his truth and…

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