Benefits of Best Buds CBD Gummies: Managing sleep, anxiousness and pain

Best Buds CBD Gummies

Best Buds is built around 1 thing, providing the best hemp
derived cannabis products available in the United States. We set our standards
high and we source our products from East Coast to West Coast, North to South.
With that being said, not everything available in the hemp industry is great,
or even good. Some of it isn’t even what people claim it to be. When we set out
to find CBD Gummies it proved to be a difficult task. But eventually we landed
on 1 edible product and 1 only, our 25 MG CBD Isolate Gummies.

Best Buds 25 MG CBD Isolate Gummies are without a doubt one of the best edible
products available throughout the country, we have no question. We tested dozens of different products before we settled on these bad boys, and we have yet to
have a customer complain even the slightest. If you are looking for a top shelf,
enjoyable and effective CBD Gummy, Best Buds gummies are for you! We want to cover some information about our gummies as well as the benefits and what our customers have said.

Best Buds 25 MG CBD Isolate Gummies

First of all, these gummies are an isolate. What that that means
is that they are a highly concentrated form of CBD. Everything has been removed
from the hemp extract except for the 1 cannabinoid, CBD. There are no minor
cannabinoids and these treats contain 0.0% THC. In addition to isolating the
CBD from minor cannabinoids the extraction process also removes the terpenes from the hemp, meaning the herbal flavor is removed from these edibles allowing
the flavor of the sweet itself to come through.

This mean’s that what you get is a 25 MG dose of CBD that is
enjoyable, effective and consistent. Each bag contains 20 individual treats
which contain 25 MG’s of CBD each for a total of 500 MG per bag. The benefits
of these gummies are awesome! We cover benefits down below.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE BENEFIT that we hear from our
customers, our incredibly happy customers we might add. Who doesn’t feel better after a solid full nights sleep? Research has shown that
CBD can increase the quality of sleep as well as the duration of rest which
means that wake up feeling more rested, energized and able to get to it every
day! Better and more rest also leads to increased mood and less stress. Exhaustion
only can lead to a variety of issues, so getting better sleep can dramatically
increase your livelihood.

Here is some feedback from our customers:
I use several Best Buds products and it has
helped me and my husband a great deal, in particularly with soreness and sleep!
I haven’t sleep this good in years. Getting more solid sound sleep for us both
has truly been life changing! Thanks Drew for keeping us educated and informed
of the latest developments in ALL things CBD! Y’all Rock!!”

“I’ve tried several different kinds of CBD products and these are the best I’ve
come across so far. The gummies and tinctures are the best! Thanks”

We can tell you all day about how good our
products are and how they will benefit you, but it seems a bit biased, am I
right? We love to hear about how our customers have received relief from our
products and how we are improving their day to day lives! If you have issues
with sleep our gummies very well may be the trick to improving your sleep and
in turn, improving your days!

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Our gummies are an awesome source of stress and anxiety relief. In general,
when wanting to use CBD or hemp derived cannabinoids for anxiety we suggest full spectrum products like our tinctures. That’s not always the best fit for
everyone. While these gummies are an isolate, they still pack plenty of ability
to combat anxiety. CBD has been shown to decrease anxiety when isolated, so don’t
steer away from using isolate products for anxiety. Our gummies are great for
curbing anxiety and “leveling” your mind set.

Anxiety can be crippling just as much as any other discomfort. If your looking
to curb your anxiety with a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals we certainly
suggest giving these gummies a shot! In addition to providing you with relief these
gummies are great for improving your sleep meaning you can feel better rested
with confronting your anxiety. Rest is a huge part of simply “feeling good.” We
suggest starting with 1-2 Gummies depending on your size and weight and
allowing at least a week of steady dosing before deciding if our gummies are
beneficial for your anxiety.

CBD Gummies for Stress

These gummies are awesome for reducing stress as well. CBD has proven itself
as a tried and true remedy of stress time and time again. The important factor
that comes into play is ensuring that you are receiving the correct amount of
CBD that works for you. Our Certificate of Analysis page has a full cannabinoid
breakdown of all of Best Buds CBD products. It is SUPER important to us to
ensure that our products are beneficial and consistent. Our gummies contain 25
MG’s of CBD per gummy making it easy to find out what works for you. We always suggest
starting with 1-2 gummies to gauge what works for you. 1 gummy should curve stress
but you could find that you need more to rid yourself of the discomfort.

Our gummies are a wonderful source of stress relief. Pick up a bag today in our
hemp shop and get started on a less stressful day!

CBD Gummies for Pain
This is a big one for a lot of people. Every single week we have people
that are wanting to turn away from pain pills and are looking for something to
take care of their issue naturally. This is HUGE for us. Pain, especially inflammation-based
pain, is a primary use of CBD. CBD products can absolute benefit you if you
deal with managing pain to live a comfortable life. Our products work with you Endocannabinoid
System (ECS) to confront your pain using your own body. The ECS is essentially
a built-in moderator of your bodies natural systems. When you are stressed, it
works to reduce stress related chemicals. Likewise, when you are in pain it
works to reduce the issues causing the pain and the inflammation.

CBD can be beneficial for things like shoulder tension and post-exercise soreness
all the way to severe life altering pain. There is a BUNCH of research around
the subject and more coming all the time. CBD is becoming more popular across
the USA but also in professional sports like the MLB and UFC! Pharmaceuticals and
even over the counter medications can really mess with your body, bones and
internal systems. CBD works naturally with your body to combat soreness and
pain. There are no major side effects to using CBD for pain management and studies have shown no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence on CBD.

We don’t want to bog you down with reviews, but here is a VERY relevant review from our customer who sought us out for her issues and was ECSTATIC with the results:

“I’ve suffered from neck pain for years due to tight muscles and deep knots. I’ve tried prescription meds as well as regular massages with no relief. I thought I’d give
CBD oil a try as I’ve heard that it’s helpful for pain relief. I’ve been using my CBD from Best Buds for a week and I’m already having decreased neck pain! I’m no longer stiff upon waking in the morning and my mindset is so calm! And the customer service is 100%! Ive had personal follow ups to make sure the products was everything as expected and it is! Thank you so much Best Buds for this amazing product! I’ll be using for as long as I foresee in the future!”

We absolutely LOVE that we can provide people with a natural way to confront their issues and allow them to take care of their pains and discomforts using a plant!

How to buy Best Buds CBD Gummies

Making a purchase from Best Buds is easy. Simply visit our
online Hemp Shop and find the product you are looking for, add it to your cart
and check out through our secure one-page checkout. We ship same day on our

If you feel like you are unsure if our products will benefit you have no fear,
we are here! You can contact us anytime with any questions or concerns you may
have and our educated staff can answer any questions you may have.

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