Hemp Bedding For Chickens Uk

Hemp chicken bedding application in 4 steps.

Hemp bedding for chickens uk.

Delivery will be 48 hours after despatch via pallet delivery company small lorry and we will confirm day in a separate email.
Chopped hemp is a natural dust free quick to compost sustainable eco friendly product.
This package contains 31 pounds of product and can easily cover an 8 foot by 6 foot chicken coop with a depth of an inch and a half.
Mist optional the hemp bedding and turn it over to activate the hemp bedding s absorbent properties.

Hemp is an extraordinarily absorbent bedding for chickens.
Hemp bedding 5 cu ft.
Add biodri absorbent powder to your chicken coop to help sanitise the living environment assist with odour control and extend the life of the bedding.
Made from 100 natural hemp aubiose is dust free and perfect for poultry.

It has odour eating properties is highly absorbent and has an added boost with eucalyptus pellets added to the mix offering a natural way of freshening up your hen house.
It is much more absorbent than straw and shavings and has natural fly repellent qualities.
Comprised of the processed and chopped stalks of the field crop industrial hemp.
Aubiose decomposes trapping odours and it produces an organic fertiliser.

1 2 bag 5 cu.
Or 141 l for a base 4 x 6 coop to achieve a depth of 1 5 inches.
For chickens 1 bag for 8 x 8.
Hemp s natural anti microbial properties combined with dry bedding will help you rest easier.

Pallet delivery charge is 39 95 mainland england other areas will be more.
Can be misted to activate the absorbent quality of the hemp hemp undergoes a natural oxidation process during the drying period that can result in darkening of the finished product.
Hempbed e is a our own chopped hemp bedding with eucalyptus available only from flyte so fancy.
Pallet delivery of 10 x 15kg bales of hempbed e hemp bedding.

Aubichick hemp bedding 20kg made from 100 natural hemp aubichick is dust free and perfect for keeping your hens cosy at night.
Hemp animal bedding is hyper absorbent.
Clean out the coop completely.
They advertise this as the perfect bedding for a number of pets big and small including rabbits hamsters chicks chickens guinea pigs gerbils and even horses and cats.

For horses 3 bags for 12 x 12.
Product details 15kg hempbed e poultry bedding.
The coloration can range from tan to dark brown.
It is much more absorbent than straw and shavings and has natural fly repellent qualities making it ideal bedding for hens rabbits guinea pigs and horses.

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