Most Popular Entry-Level Cannabis Jobs

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Are you looking for a popular, good-paying, and a fun job in the growing industry? Do not look beyond this superb budding field.

The marijuana industry is flourishing at a faster rate, and it continually requires fresh employees. ArcView Study highlights that by 2021, the U.S marijuana industry will employ more than 400,000 people.

Entry-level Cannabis Jobs

Since several states are legalizing cannabis, entry-level jobs in the marijuana industry are multiplying. Do you want to contribute your services in this budding industry?

There are several entry-level marijuana jobs to look for, and some of the most popular ones are as follows.

Entry-level Positions in Growing and Cultivation

● Assistant Grower or Cultivation Supervisor

An assistant grower’s responsibility is to manage the grow team and trimmers. In the absence of a head grower, an assistant grower will have to perform a head grower’s duties.

The duties include monitoring the entire growth process and coordinating with the grow team.

Moreover, an assistant grower is responsible for providing the plant’s nutrition, water, minerals, and checking the grow room environment through grow room controllers.

● Trimmer

If you like to get your hands dirty, it is one of the most popular entry-level jobs. The trimmer’s job is either seasonal or temporary.

Once you land on a trimmer’s position, you have to manicure the marijuana plants by trimming its buds. Plus, you also have to prepare these buds so that the Head Grower can cure.

Moreover, the trimmer is responsible for maintaining equipment, sanitation control, and accurately storing and manicuring plants.

Entry-level Positions in Testing

● Laboratory Technicians

Lab Technician or Sampling Technician collaborates with scientists and Laboratory Analysts.

A Lab Technician’s duties involve preparing samples, label outgoing and incoming vials, cleaning lab, and handling documentation.

Entry-level Positions in Manufacturing and Processing

● Marijuana Extraction Technician

Also known as extractor or concentrate maker, marijuana extraction technician isn’t as straightforward as others. They are responsible to take trimmed marijuana parts and use different extraction methods for extracting beneficial cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

An extractor turns marijuana plants into various concentrates like topical lotions, oils, wax, sublingual, tinctures, transdermal pens or patches, etc.

● Packager

A packager ensures that cannabis-infused or cannabis products are carefully, efficiently, and correctly packaged for sale and distribution.

Entry-level Positions in Retail and Dispensaries

● Budtender

It is the most popular and highly competitive entry-level job. Budtenders – stemmed from bartenders – are the face of the marijuana industry.

The budtender has to work behind the dispensary’s counter, and he/she is also called a Product Specialist, Consultant, and Dispensary Agent.

A budtender’s responsibilities are to greet customers or patients and sell products according to the client’s needs and preferences.

● Delivery Drivers

Since several cannabis companies are offering delivery services, the delivery driver job opportunities are increasing.

A marijuana delivery driver can work for retailers, dispensaries, third-party marijuana delivery companies, cultivators, or extractors. Hence, there are several job opportunities available.

The delivery drivers should be over 21. Moreover, before applying for this job, you must have a Chauffeur’s License or a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

Other Entry-level Position

● Cannabis Writer

Since we live in a digital era where many individuals learn and collect information from the web and social media, writing about cannabis and marijuana marketing can help you earn big bucks.

If you’re aware of writing tactics and have specific knowledge, you can bring traffic to any website or brand.

Ending Note

The ideal way to enter the cannabis industry is to have some training beforehand. Every entry-level cannabis job is fun, and it all depends on your interest.

You better start sending applications because these vacancies tend to vanish in a heartbeat!

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