Weed Safety – The Ultimate Dosing Guide For Different Delivery Methods

Whether you smoke weed, vape it, or consume in the edible form, the right dosage is vital. Getting too high isn’t something you would want to happen because it can make you uneasy. A perfect dose, on the other hand, creates a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Dosing greatly depends on individual tolerance levels and the kind of experience you prefer, whether you want an energizing or relaxing high. Additionally, there are some basic rules that you need to follow the different delivery methods. Let us share a method-wise dosing guide that can help.

Edibles and consumable oils

Edibles and oils are tricky when it comes to dosing. You need to be patient enough to let the effects set in otherwise you may end up overdosing if you take the second helping too early. The beginners need to be extra careful because you wouldn’t have a fair idea about your tolerance. For CBD-high products, there isn’t much to worry. But when it comes to the ones high in THC, the ideal dosage is only 1-5 mg of THC. Going higher can make things too intense for some. If you enjoy weed recreationally, a 5-10 mg dose is a safe place to start, while regular users who have built up good tolerance, you may require 10 mg or more of THC to get the kick.

Classic cannabis smoking

Compared to edibles, judging the effects of a certain dose with smoke is relatively easier as you will experience the effects almost immediately. You will probably be able to understand your tolerance levels early with this delivery method and can adjust the dosage accordingly. The equipment also makes a difference to the effects, so you need to understand the basics when you look for smoke pipe for sale as a beginner. Small glass pipes are most efficient, so they are best to set your initial dose of the herd. Anywhere from 0.25-1 grams would work, to begin with, while seasoned smokers can bump the intake up to about 1 gram. As a rule of thumb, start with less and build gradually from there to reach a level that gets you high without making you uneasy.

Dabbing and vaping

When it comes to the ideal dosage with dabbing and vaping, you will need to rely on the visuals rather than a specified quantity of the concentrate or e-liquid. For light dabbers, a dab of the size of a rice grain is adequate, while you may consider increasing it once you built up a tolerance. With vaping, a few puffs would do the trick for light vapers, but you will have to increase the number of hits as you do it more often.

Ultimately, weed dosing boils down to the method of consumption you choose. Additionally, you cannot overlook the fact that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for deciding the quantity that would work for you. The only way to find out is to try and learn with different strains and products. As you do it, enjoy the experience!

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