‘Wrong for Montana’ Opposes Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

A grassroots organization called ‘Wrong for Montana’ has come out as being opposed to I-190, the initiative on the general election ballot that would legalize and tax the sale of recreational marijuana.

Organizer Steve Zabawa spoke to KGVO just moments before a press conference in Billings and gave his view of the pro-marijuana movement.

“Some out of state dark money, some $5 million from Washington DC from two firms that are capitalized with recreational marijuana companies want to come to Montana and legalize and bring their pot shops to Montana and put them on all our corners and basically stone our families and make money off that with the promise that we’re going to get all sorts of tax revenues,” said Zabawa.

He said that many statewide organizations including some involved with law enforcement have come out as being opposed to I-190.

“The Chamber of Commerce, hospitals, bankers, motor carriers, contractors, they all have a lot of issues with legalizing marijuana,”…

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