Weed In Self Isolation- What Every Beginner Should Know

As the pandemic becomes rampant, self-isolation becomes a reality that everyone can expect to face at some point. You may need to go into quarantine if you have symptoms or suspect an exposure. Social outings are reduced to a minimum and businesses have decided to let people work from home even after the restrictions are lifted. While isolation can keep you safe from the virus, it has some downsides from the mental health perspective. Fortunately, cannabis products can help you deal with the stress and anxiety of self-isolation. But if you want to try it for the first time, there are some precautions and guidelines that you should follow when using weed in self-isolation. Let us list them for you.

Start with some research

Before you take the plunge, doing some cannabis research is a great idea. Start by exploring what the substance is all about and the mental health benefits it serves. Learn more about the cannabis strains, specifically the ones that help with issues like anxiety and insomnia. Since there are a wide variety of products available out there, it makes sense to understand how the different delivery methods work so that you can choose wisely. Proper research will also enable you to find the safe dosage and ideal products for beginners.

Stock up safely

The biggest challenge for people going into self-isolation is buying stuff but thankfully online shopping saves the day. Right now, you can pick just anything online, including the weed products you want to try. It is just as easy to buy buds online as it is to order groceries from the store around the corner. All you need to make sure is choose a reputable dispensary that delivers quality products right at your doorstep. You may call a friend for recommendations or read online reviews to choose a store you can trust.

Store safely

Since you cannot expect to step out during the isolation phase and outings will be limited later too, you can consider buying in bulk. But you should be sure about a product if you want to order in large quantities. Alternatively, start by trying a small quantity and order more the next time. Storing marijuana safely is equally important because you would want to keep the stuff fresh. For the flower, use airtight jars and store in a cool, dark place. Edibles can be stashed in the refrigerator though it isn’t advisable to keep perishable stuff like brownies and cookies for too long. Remember to keep weed out of reach of pets and children.

Go slow and low

As a beginner, you should be equally careful about the dosage, particularly if you are doing it alone. As a rule, go slow and low until you know how your body deals with the products in use. Something low in THC would give you a good start as it wouldn’t get you stoned. You may seek advice from a seasoned user about the safe dose but it is important to understand that everyone’s biochemistry is different. Listen to your body and focus on what works for you.

Weed can be an amazing self-isolation aid provided that you use it judiciously. Just make sure that you stick to quality products and safe dosage to avail the best benefits.

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