Local entrepreneur joins budding industry

A local entrepreneur launched a line of cannabidiol-infused products that go beyond the usual gummies, lotions and oils.

Lynsey Lastauskas, owner of Lynsey Noel CBD, is offering bath products, skin care, mints and pharmaceutical-grade capsules and chewables through an online store. She also runs a blog and sells a clothing line that features messages of positivity, both of which she believes will complement the new CBD brand.

CBD has changed my life,” said Lastauskas. “I have more energy now. My complexion is clear. I can go on and on about the benefits of CBD all day.”

Lastauskas says CBD can relieve general pain, arthritis, back issues, stress, sleeping problems, brain fog and other health problems. The CBD compound, added to everything from candy to soaps, can be derived from hemp or marijuana and has been touted as a treatment for ailments ranging from anxiety to cancer.

A common misconception about CBD products is that it will get the user high. There is no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in her products, thanks to Anseres Technologies. Lastauskas was introduced to the world of CBD by the company’s president, Michael Pappalardo.

His company, Anseres Technologies, is a pharmaceutical organization located in Throop since February of this year. Pappalardo and his group of associates specialize in several areas like formulation design, development activities and product management among other things. In simpler terms, the company makes, patents and manufactures the CBD products for Lastauskas.

The current focus is on functional and nutritional supplements, Pappalardo said.

“We make CBD products on a pharmaceutical level,” said Pappalardo. “We take cannabis extracts and turn them into pharmaceutical type products like tablets, capsules, chewables, oral disenables, and daytime and nighttime liquids for energy and sleep.”

Pappalardo’s career in the pharmaceutical industry spans more than 25 years. He’s worked for Johnson and Johnson, Mitsubishi Chemical and Qualicaps, among others. He’s also a subject matter expert in several areas including tablet and coating technologies, modified release, liquid-filled softgels and two-piece hardshell capsules.

Lastauskas and Pappalardo want to revolutionize the CBD industry by setting a high standard for product innovation and quality regulation. Every state has its own way of experimenting with how to regulate products containing Hemp CBD. A lack of federal regulation has made the CBD industry a complex system of inconsistent policies. Until the federal government or any other agency steps in as a sole enforcer, the CBD industry is basically the wild west right now, according to Pappalardo.

“We use third-party testing on all of the products,” said Lastauskas. “We know the science behind every item that’s sold.”

Lastauskas is also the owner of Lynsey Noel Photography in Scott Twp. In 2012, she created Girls of NEPA, a calendar of local models that raised more than $10,000 in proceeds for retired veterans. She also owns Noel Boudoir, a branch of her photography business that focuses on making women feel beautiful.

“I love photography but this is my passion,” said Lastauskas. “Every morning, I wake up excited and thankful. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

For more information on Lynsey Noel CBD brand, visit lynseynoel.com.

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