Top 15 Novel Podcasts You Must Follow in 2019


1. Scott Sigler’s Audiobooks

San Diego, California, United States About Podcast New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler gives away all of his stories as free, serialized audiobooks. He is the creator of fifteen novels, six novellas and dozens of short stories.
Frequency 1 episode / week
Twitter followers 24.5K ⋅ Instagram Followers 7.9K ⋅ Social Engagement 5 ⋅ Domain Authority 52

2. Light Novel Podcast

Light Novel Podcast

Ontario, Canada About Podcast The Light Novel Podcast is the brainchild of YouTuber and Author, Justus R. Stone. A place intended to allow a larger discussion about light novels in general, as well as in-depth discussions about specific series. To allow for the widest variety of knowledge, eight people are participating in the podcast. Each episode will feature a selection of people, picked from the eight, to match their knowledge and interests.
Frequency 1 episode / month
Twitter followers 2.1K ⋅ Instagram Followers 138 ⋅ Domain Authority 10

3. Jackie’s Books Podcast

Jackie's Books Podcast

About Podcast Jackie’s Books is a podcast dedicated to the emerging artist, Jackie Adams. We will interview Jackie, who will tell us about the novels she has published, what she is working on, and her life as an author. Jackie will also recommend books for you to read, and bring in guests who can tell us about their life and work.
Frequency 1 episode / day
Social Engagement 6 ⋅ Domain Authority 3

4. Graphic Novel Life

Graphic Novel Life

About Podcast Heard about graphic novels? Thought they were for kids? Or just about superheroes? GNL is here to tell you otherwise! Reviewing graphic novels past, present, and future. Steering you through the jargon and genre classifications. Giving you advice and tips on where to start for the whole family. Whatever your age, graphic novels are for everyone.
Frequency 1 episode / quarter
Social Engagement 1 ⋅ Domain Authority 73

5. Ripen the Page | Novel Writing Podcast

Ripen the Page | Novel Writing Podcast

About Podcast Ripen the Page podcast is a weekly audio discussion of craft and technique for writers of fiction, produced and hosted by Linette Allen. Novel writers will enjoy topics covering plot holes, head hopping, over-description, telling, incorrect dialogue tags, viewpoint issues, misuse of tense, poor style and many more.
Frequency 2 episodes / year
Domain Authority 66

6. 99% Geek

99% Geek

Ontario, Canada About Podcast A novelist writing chapters like episodes of TV shows. Telling stories in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy settings all with strong female representation. Eventually stories in the same setting even crossover.
Frequency 2 episodes / month
Twitter followers 222 ⋅ Domain Authority 83

7. Gimlet | Conviction

Gimlet | Conviction

About Podcast Manuel Gomez is a detective straight out of a detective novel. He carries a pen that’s a knife, wears a watch that’s a camera, adores Sherlock Holmes and Miami Vice. But the cases Gomez takes on are all too real: cases of young men in New York City who say they’ve been arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. This show includes strong language and descriptions of violence, and may not be appropriate for sensitive listeners.
Frequency 1 episode / month
Twitter followers 81.4K ⋅ Instagram Followers 27.4K ⋅ Domain Authority 70

8. The Daffodil Mystery by Edgar Wallace

The Daffodil Mystery by Edgar Wallace

About Podcast Set in England at the turn of the 20th century, Wallace’s crime novel The Daffodil Mystery follows the mysterious circumstances under which shop owner Lyne has been murdered. Accordingly, it is up to detective Jack Tarling and his trusted Chinese assistant to solve the case and reach an appropriate and just resolution. Moreover, the happenings within the novel are intensified by the colorful set of characters, which are marked by their plausible facade and contribute to the novel’s appeal.
Frequency 6 episodes / week
Domain Authority 61

9. Novel Marketing Podcast

 Novel Marketing Podcast

Austin, Texas, United States About Podcast The Novel Marketing Podcast is a show for novelists who don’t love book promotion but still want to become bestselling authors. Stay tuned to learn the innovative book promotion secrets of bestselling authors.
Frequency 1 episode / week
Facebook fans 386 ⋅ Twitter followers 181 ⋅ Social Engagement 9 ⋅ Domain Authority 49

10. Water Margin Podcast | Outlaws of the Marsh

Water Margin Podcast | Outlaws of the Marsh

Durham, North Carolina, United States About Podcast A Chinese classic retold in English: This podcast is an English retelling of the classic Chinese novel ‘Water Margin’ aka ‘Outlaws of the Marsh’. It aims to tell the story in a way that is more accessible to audiences who are not already familiar with the novel or Chinese culture and literature in general.
Frequency 1 episode / week
Twitter followers 844 ⋅ Instagram Followers 64 ⋅ Domain Authority 12

11. Novel Tea Show

Novel Tea Show

About Podcast Novel Tea Show is a bi-weekly live chat where we discuss writing and publishing. We’re spilling all the tea (which means truth!) about the ups and downs of writing books, and the ins and outs of the publishing industry.
Frequency 8 episodes / year
Twitter followers 668 ⋅ Domain Authority 3


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