Survive Thanksgiving With This Cannabis–Infused Gravy


Ever want that Thanksgiving dinner was a lot extra festive and heartening? A gathering that is possibly a small significantly less fraught and forced?

Every person has been by way of the type of cringe–worthy scenarios special to the vacation: the huge feast with awkward (and typically intrusive) family members conversations punctuated by the sullen silences of long–married couples, the inebriated aunt who’s telling off–color jokes on her seventh glass of Chardonnay, and the belligerent uncle who (just about every year) will recount every single fifth–grade misdemeanor you have ever been accused of. And let’s not overlook about the die–hard sports fanatic dinner guest, perched on the sofa across the tv, who refuses to join the Thanksgiving table mainly because it is “gameday” and nothing at all extra. Turkey, stuffing, and Brussels sprouts be damned.

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