Why Healthcare Cannabis Is not Functioning in the UK


In spite of becoming legalised this time final year, fewer than 160 prescriptions have been issued.

This post initially appeared on VICE UK.

It is been a complete year considering the fact that the UK legalised health-related cannabis, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting it ever occurred. As of September, 2019, a grand total of 18 NHS prescriptions for unlicensed cannabis medicines had been issued. Even Billy Caldwell – the 14-year-old with serious epilepsy whose plight triggered reform in the UK – has so far been denied NHS therapy.

Evaluate the UK’s predicament to the US, exactly where health-related cannabis was initially introduced at the state level more than 20 years ago by means of ballot initiatives – a kind of direct democracy that permits citizen petitions with sufficient signatures to go to a public vote. With no such mechanism in the UK (and no likelihood of a constitutional court challenge, as effectively employed in Canada and Germany), UK reform was constantly going to be in the hands of politicians – and has been predictably underwhelming.

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