Arizer Air two Critique – Does It Outperform Its Predecessor?


There’s a exciting reality about Arizer Air vaporizer – most people today who purchased it years ago nevertheless use it. And report the similar outstanding efficiency.

It is a correct top quality that lasts. And almost certainly the purpose why it became so well known.

Certainly, absolutely everyone was expecting a lot from its heir – Arizer Air two, in particular soon after the release of Arizer Solo two. At least I know I did.

Given that I’ve currently reviewed Arizer Air, the job of examining its successor naturally came down to me. And boy, am I glad it did.

But sufficient about me. Let’s get down to our critique.

Inside the box

The Arizer Air two comes with:

  • Arizer Air two battery
  • USB charger
  • Glass aroma tube (70mm)
  • Tipped glass aroma tube (70mm)
  • Glass aroma dish
  • Silicone stem caps
  • PVC travel tubes with cap (70mm size)
  • PVC travel tube with cap (aroma dish size)
  • Belt-clip carry case
  • Stainless steel stirring tool
  • Stainless steel filter screens
  • Sample aromatic botanicals
  • Manual

I ought to admit I laughed a bit when I opened the box: does everyone definitely order this since of an aromatherapy addition? The sample bag of lavender looked type of cute.

Jokes aside, the very first issue you have to search for in the box is a hologram mark. There are a lot of fake merchandise on the market place, and it is very advisable that you purchase only genuine goods.

Now that we’ve cleared that out of the area, let’s turn this pup on.

How to use the Arizer Air two?

The most effective issue about this vaporizer is that it has no mastering curve.

You do have a thick manual on hand, but the usage is the simplest it can get. As a matter of reality, I can say it just about with certainty, you will quickly discover oneself playing with it on an specialist level.

That is why it is best for each rookies and actual connoisseurs.

There are three items you have to do to start off the vapor going: sterilize, assembly, and press the ON button.

Very first items very first, you’d want to get rid of all the leftovers from the manufacturing course of action. You do not want these chemical compounds in your vapor.

To do this, you basically have to turn the unit on by holding the ON button for quite a few seconds, set the highest temperature, and let it run for 10 minutes. Do it twice, just to be certain.

The burn-off cycles will not only sterilize the unit, but will also loosen the chamber so that a glass stem can match in far more conveniently.

Fill a chamber at the bottom of a glass stem with .two grams of roughly ground herb, pack it up a bit, insert it into the unit, and you have effectively completed the assembly course of action. Basic as that.

Turn the unit on. Set the preferred temperature. Wait about 1-two minutes. Draw when and disregard it (this is not representative of an actual hit or the hits that you will get from the device this is only to support heat items up a bit far more). Draw the second time and you have got oneself a tasteful sweet spot.

Battery life

Like its predecessor, the Arizer Air two has a rechargeable and replaceable 18650 li-ion battery. Say what you like, but that is constantly a welcome function in a transportable vaporizer.

The actual improvement is a USB charging solution that is absent from the original Arizer Air. This new addition tends to make a entire planet of distinction.

On the other hand, I’m definitely glad that they’ve kept the pass-by way of charging solution. It lets you use the unit although charging (you can turn the solution on by pressing any button soon after some 10 minutes of charging).

And although we’re on the comparison side of items, let’s not neglect the extended battery life. It is difficult to estimate how extended it will final since it all depends on the temperature you are vaping at, how extended you vape, and how often you vape. Note that when it is absolutely dead, even though, the battery requires far more than one particular hour of charging.

And yes, we all know Arizer Solo two can do superior than that, but then once again, it is one particular of the causes it is not as transportable as the Arizer Air two. I suppose it all comes down to your person requires and preferences.

Anyway, shopping for a spare battery or two will not hurt your wallet, and you will constantly have a backup program.

Temperature variety

An individual from ArizerTech ought to have study my critique on Arizer Air and the comment about the LED light indicator. I definitely hated it.

It was a relief to see a small LED screen on the unit. It lets you know precisely what temperature you are vaping at.

But the actual step to the subsequent level is the temperature variety itself. This pup from the second generation lets you opt for a temperature on a scale from 50°C to 220°C (122°F- 428°F) in each 1- and 10-degree increments.

Much more importantly, it stays cool to touch.

On the other hand, there’s not considerably modify in the heat-up time in comparison. It does get there a small quicker (I didn’t carry out the precise measurements), but it nevertheless requires a minute or so.

Style and make top quality

Arizer air 2

The top quality in design and style far more than tends to make up for this lack in improvement in heat up time.

As I implied currently, the Arizers had been constructed to final. You can see it by the components and by how strong they really feel in hand.

As for portability, I ought to admit I slightly changed my thoughts. Yes, the Arizer Air edition is pretty transportable, but if that is your quantity one particular priority, you must have a appear at the ArizerArGo.

I myself would never ever trade functionality and top quality to portability. But that could be just me.

Chamber capacity and glass stems – oh my, oh my

According to numerous on-line critiques, the major weak point of Arizer Airs is the breakable stem. It is as well extended. It is produced of glass. It is indiscreet.

I do not want to disrespect fellow reviewers, but this viewpoint appears to me as splitting hairs.

Yes, it is extended but that is why the vapor is cooler.

Yes, it is produced of glass, but that is the most effective material for your respiratory technique.

Yes, a passer-by may see what you are carrying out, but, hey, it is a green rush out there anyways.

As for the chamber,  it would be good to pack far more than .two grams in it. Having said that, I’ve provided it a considerable quantity of believed, and I’m not certain how this could be accomplished virtually.

Vapor top quality

Speaking of glass stems, let’s be certain to emphasize how they play an vital function in vapor top quality.

When making use of a glass stem, there are no more or funny aromas. Just pure terpenes. No hot vapor either. When it arrives in your lungs, the vapor will not bring about irritation.

To cite ArizerTech themselves,

[Quote] “Our exceptional hybrid heating technique utilizes a pure borosilicate glass vapor path to provide smooth &amp tasty vapor.”

That is a fancy way of saying that this airpath is basically excellent for you.

In terms of density, I’ll say I’ve observed vaporizers creating thicker mist. In addition, the draw resistance is far more or significantly less the similar as in Arizer Air. Do not get me incorrect, there is an improvement. Having said that, I did count on a bit far more of the second edition, but that is my private opinion.

Safety capabilities

1 of my preferred small items about Arizer Air two is how effectively it can beat my clumsiness.

Namely, the energy-on delay tends to make certain you do not accidentally turn on the device in your pocket. You can set up the delay to two seconds, four seconds, six seconds (default) and eight seconds.

Also, you can set up the auto-shutdown from five to 15 minutes of inactivity and avoid a lot of battery energy from going to waste.

Small items, significant benefits.


Maintaining the Arizer Air two clean is just as uncomplicated as its usage. The only components you will have to clean are the glass stems and the heating chamber.

You must soak the glass stems just about every now and then in isopropyl alcohol or soapy water, leave it in for 30 minutes, and rinse them completely.

A Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol operates most effective for cleaning the heating chamber. Be certain to run a complete cycle afterward to vaporize any remaining alcohol.

Also, it is a excellent concept to get rid of any leftovers from your sessions. The residues can and will lead to clogging far more sooner. Prevention is the most effective upkeep technique by far.

Final verdict

I’m not so certain what to suggest to these of you who currently have the Arizer Air.

If you have located the Arizer Air your very first preferred vaporizer, you might not even want a replacement unless you definitely want to verify out the most current generation.

But if you are looking for your very first (or second) preferred vaporizer suitable now and want something  among a desktop vaporizer and a transportable one particular, and want it to final for years – the Arizer Air two is almost certainly your issue.


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