New Frontier Information Report Shows Illicit U.S. Cannabis Marketplace Remains Powerful Amid Legalization


Worldwide information, analytics, and small business intelligence corporation, New Frontier Information now announced the release of The U.S. Cannabis Cultivation Report: 2019 Legal and Illicit Output by State which offers estimates and forecasts concerning the total volume of cannabis made in the United States and offers facts on markets in person states.

The report utilizes the most current cultivation information out there and considers facts from a selection of sources which includes state government reports, seed-to-sale transactions, and proprietary customer surveys.

According to New Frontier Information, the target of the report is to give analysts, operators, investors, and policymakers with reality-primarily based projections for each the legal and illicit cannabis markets in the U.S. with adequate facts required to fully grasp total provide in each and every state concerning indoor, greenhouse, and outside production.

“With more than half of U.S. cannabis production coming from unregulated markets, and amidst public security issues more than contaminated and untested item provide, regulators and policymakers are in will need of trusted facts to make informed choices on the future of the sector,” says New Frontier Information CEO Giadha Aguirre De Carcer. “Understanding how substantially provide exists and exactly where it is coming from will enable shape a improved and safer atmosphere for buyers.”

The new report contains important information such as cannabis production estimates by state, major illegal cannabis import and export states, total demand for cultivation estimates, and total legal and illicit cultivation output estimates in the United States.

The new study forecasts the total legal and illegal cannabis output in the U.S. to develop to 34.four million pounds by 2025 if no further states legalize marijuana.

The report states that California is estimated to illegally export a lot more than 12 million pounds of cannabis and New York is projected to import 1.five million pounds in 2019.

According to the report, California, Colorado, and Washington had the most legally-made cannabis in 2019.

Any person interested in viewing the report can download it at no charge with a free of charge trial of the Equio on the web portal.



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