Dear Stoner: Is the wax and shatter sold at dispensaries produced of the exact same stuff in vapes? I’m worried that dabbing will get me sick.
Jimmy D.

Dear Jimmy: It can be, but in this case that is likely not a negative factor. There are THC vaping cartridges filled only with cannabis oil, no matter if it is purified distillate, reside resin or CO2-extracted oil. Most extractors slightly heat the concentrate to make it thinner for combustion, but it is basically the exact same stuff that you are dabbing. And none of these solutions have however been linked to vaping-connected illnesses.

Dean Ween’s Honey Pot Lounge is open and prepared for dabbing.

Jacqueline Collins

The vast majority of hospital visits and deaths connected to vaping have been linked to black-industry solutions, which have been identified to include potentially dangerous chemical additives and traces of pesticides. Even so, some of the vaping illnesses have been connected to additives in solutions sold in legal, regulated cannabis markets. These additives are employed to make hash additional combustible for vaping, although, and are not employed in the production of the hash you are dabbing.

Nevertheless, just since there’s no vape liquid does not imply the concentrate itself is necessarily secure, as hash extracted from moldy or pesticide-laden cannabis is even additional toxic than the plants themselves.

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