What are Moon Rocks and How Do You Make Them?


What are Moon Rocks and How Do You Make Them?


Moon Rocks are potent and flavorful cannabis goods meant for skilled and higher-tolerance customers. These gooey and powdery flower bud creations function trichome-wealthy resinous layers of cannabinoids and terpenes covering a pristine and dense flower bud. Hailing from the West Coast, Moon Rocks can be discovered in most legal dispensaries, but can also be created in the comfort of your household. Here’s every thing you require to know about these hugely enhanced nugs.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks have been made for and by higher-tolerance customers hunting to get the most out of just about every cannabis derivative readily available. Whilst there’s small details on the origins of Moon Rocks, their reputation skyrocketed with a single branded item. In 2014, legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt and enterprise companion/musician Dr. Zodiak created the most broadly recognized brand of Moon Rocks, Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rock, in a range of possibilities.


Moon Rocks are higher-good quality flower buds dipped in a sticky concentrate and rolled in premium kief. These Frankenstein buds can include up to 50 % THC, a considerable enhance from common flower buds that include on typical 15 to 20 % THC (30 % at the highest levels). These bulky buds are dusted in kief and include a syrupy, gooey layer meant to take you to the moon and back.


For now, Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks are only readily available in California and Arizona dispensaries, but numerous retailers in other legal states are promoting their personal regional versions of the item. Moon Rocks can be intimidating for very first-time customers since they provide an intensely psychoactive practical experience.

Added benefits of Moon Rocks

If you invest in or make higher-good quality Moon Rocks, you can delight in a refreshing and intense aroma of terpenes from the buds, wax, and kief. The stacked layers of cannabis resin build a dense and pungent item meant for smoking only. Smokers will appreciate the unprecedented fragrance and flavor present on the exhale. As the Moon Rocks gradually burn in a bowl or joint, you will practical experience a sharp and cerebral buzz that feels pretty much like a dab. If you are hunting for much more potency and flavor from your cannabis flower, Moon Rocks are for you.

How to Make Moon Rocks

A single explanation why Moon Rocks are so fantastic is that you can simply recreate them at household. You can generally start off from scratch by developing your weed at household, creating your personal concentrates, and sifting your personal kief, but in some cases, it is much easier to just invest in the person elements and combine them at household. Generating your personal Moon Rocks provides you much more handle more than potency. You can reduce or maximize cannabinoids levels to your liking.


Prepared to make Moon Rocks? Here’s precisely what you will require:

  • Dense flower bud/s (THC or CBD)
  • Concentrate oil (THC or CBD)
  • Kief (or THCA/CBDA crystals)
  • Tongs
  • Liquid dropper or brush (optional)


As soon as you have acquired your flower, concentrate, and kief, you can start off assembling your personal Moon Rocks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to combine the components:


  1. Pick a dense flower bud. Denser flower buds can hold their shape following becoming covered in concentrate and kief.
  2. If you are utilizing a tough concentrate like shatter or wax, lightly heat it to make it much easier to operate with. As soon as it has a much more liquid consistency, use a dropper or brush to cover the nug with concentrate oil. You can also dip the bud in the oil.
  3. Use a pair of tongs to dip the sticky buds into your collected kief. You can also use a dabbing tool with a spoon or shovel-tip to lightly dust the covered flower.
  4. Let the completed Moon Rocks sit in a cool, dry, and dark location. Drying occasions rely on the quantity of concentrate added to the flower.
  5. As soon as hardened, you can smoke your DIY Moon Rocks.


Tip: For maximum flavor and potency, go with indoor-grown flower, higher-terpene complete-spectrum extracts (HTFSE), and higher-good quality kief.

How to Consume Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are not to be taken lightly. There are only a couple of distinctive techniques to consume these powerful buds. The finest way to consume Moon Rocks is to smoke them straight out of a pipe or bong. Do not grind Moon Rocks, even though! Grinding Moon Rocks can get the wax and kief stuck in in between your grinder’s teeth. Not only do you have additional cleanup to do, but you also drop out on the worthwhile cannabinoids and terpenes on these high priced buds.


Alternatively of grinding up your Moon Rocks, break them down by hand into compact “pebbles,” if you will. These pint-sized stones must every include a bit of wax, kief, and flower. Pack your pipe or bong with these pebbles and light away. You can also add these pebbles into your joints. Just make confident to pack them loosely adequate to assure appropriate airflow. Sticky, dense Moon Rocks can restrict airflow in bowls or joints if not appropriately packed.

What Are Sun Rocks?

Sun Rocks take Moon Rocks to the subsequent level. They use only leading-shelf OG buds and concentrates to build a translucent wax-covered bud glistening with crystal kief. Sun Rocks are not as accessible as Moon Rocks, but they can be created and consumed the similar way that Moon Rocks can. Sun Rocks can include up to 80 % THC according to some tests.


Moon and Sun Rocks are each revolutionary and strong bud creations meant for seasoned cannabis customers. Smoking cannabis might not be for everybody, but these kief-covered buds are a inventive way to get the most cannabis compounds into the physique. If you want to study much more about developing cannabis, creating your personal cannabis-infused goods, and earning a job in this profitable business, sign up for CTU’s certification plan right now.


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