Several Pushing For The Legalization Of Hemp And Health-related Marijuana


SIOUX FALLS, S.D – If you have been driving about Sioux Falls, you might have noticed indicators pushing for the legalization of hemp and health-related marijuana.

Lawrence Robinson was on the job hunt.

“I’m just going by way of Craig’s List, you know what I’m saying,” he says.

The position he located is unconventional. It is at a corporation known as Fieldworks. Its objective is basic.

“It’s primarily based on legalizing hemp, industrial hemp, recreational for later on and like I stated, health-related marijuana,” says Robinson.

9 to five he sits by the road, holding up a sign, urging individuals to sign his petition to get the hemp concern on the ballot. But Robinson says, regardless of his job, he’s passionate about the marijuana side of the concern. He says generating weed legal is safer for teens experimenting.

“Next factor you know, my head hurt, I felt like I was seeing stars. I felt like I was going to die, you know what I’m saying. I went and embarrassed myself in front of my complete loved ones and that is mainly because I got it from exactly where? A poor supply. So I’m going to make confident my expertise at 16 under no circumstances takes place to a different 16 year old,” says Robinson.

He says he knows individuals who advantage.

“I have a lot of individuals in my loved ones who back in Ohio who have arthritis and tendentious in their knees, and when they smoke they say they do not really feel it,” he says.

Just a single side of a controversial concern, seeming to get the public fired up.

Governor Kristi Noem’s workplace had no instant comment. Noem is against legalizing hemp. She says legalizing industrial hemp legalizes marijuana by default.


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