Northeast Governors Hold Regional Conference on Vaping and Cannabis


NEW YORK – Governors Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.), Ned Lamont (D-Conn.), Phil Murphy (D-N.J.), and Tom Wolf (D-Pa.), joined by other officials from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, participated in a forum on vaping and recreational cannabis Thursday.

The leaders of the area want to function collectively on vaping and cannabis regulations as ideal they can considering that millions of residents reside close to the densely populated state borders.


“Whether it comes to the emerging public wellness problems surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes, or the use of marijuana, permitting the illegal marketplace to run unregulated, which is what is at the moment taking place, is neither protected nor is it in the ideal interests of all our residents,” stated Gov. Lamont.

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut frequently function collectively, but normally for safety and transit-connected problems. Commuters and transit lines from all 3 states converge on the island of Manhattan, frequently requiring government and law enforcement collaboration. Since cannabis can simply be taken across various state lines in a matter of minutes in the area (targeted traffic situations permitting of course), it is essential that these states function collectively on enforcement.

“This challenge is difficult, controversial, and consequential,” Gov. Cuomo stated. “It is most likely 1 of the most difficult I’ve had to address in New York, and it is a challenge for all the states. The purpose of this summit is to collaborate with 1 yet another, share sources, and feel collectively as we all attempt to figure this out.”

Cuomo also took the federal government to process, indicating that these variety of interstate problems should really ideally be handled by federal authorities.

“The federal government is supposed to get involved in problems that go beyond 1 state’s borders, but that is not taking place on any challenge facing the nation,” Cuomo added. “The states are on our personal, so we are operating collectively to uncover regionally coordinated options to shield the public wellness.”

New Jersey’s Gov. Murphy is also looking for a cohesive method from other states in the area. “Our influence is substantially higher when we break out of our personal silos as person states and collaborate on the hard problems plaguing our area and nation,” he stated. “Together, we can make sure that these challenges are met with thoughtful, complete action for these who reside and function in our area.”

Gov. Wolf signaled an eagerness to function with neighboring states in order to implement fair regulations for all residents. “It’s crucial that we concentrate on bringing the conversation about cannabis into the open and generating positive there is suitable regulation,” he stated. “When we establish a marketplace for cannabis, social justice and empowerment initiatives ought to be regarded.”

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (D) believed the conference was a great very first step toward making certain northeast states will function collectively on cannabis and vaping regulation. 

“The principles we’ve agreed to nowadays will permit us to improved coordinate our efforts as we address some of the most difficult problems facing our states,” Raimondo stated. “Through this partnership, we will function collectively to shield households from the dangers posed by the illicit cannabis marketplace and vaping.” 

The conference attempted to cover very a bit of regulatory ground. According to the official New York Governor’s web-site, the states have agreed to pursue a quantity of prevalent targets like identifying the ideal practices for taxing cannabis sales, the quantity of organization licenses issued, making certain social equity initiatives, and advertising access to monetary and banking solutions for firms.


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