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CBD Oil Review rates the EndoCoast Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Mission & Quality Badges.

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EndoCoast: 60-Second Summary

To EndoCoast, the concept of coasting is much more than getting by on your laurels – and much more of a noble action. It’s an entire lifestyle to the company, one that centers around the ability to find your center, and cruise through whatever life sends your way. And with their line of CBD oil tinctures and cannabidiol capsules, EndoCoast hopes to deliver that feeling, and way of life, generally, to all of their customers.


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EndoCoast Brand Review

There’s just something about the coast of any continent that conjures an image of chill. Maybe it’s the fragrant beachy air, or the succulent sand between your toes, or the fact that at least one of every three people you meet there will be on vacation.

EndoCoast wants to help bring that perma-sunny feeling to their customers, with a line of CBD oil tinctures and capsules they hope will promote some inner-peace and nurture the ability to glide through even life’s craziest scenarios.

The company’s full-spectrum cannabidiol – made from hemp plants grown in Europe and extracted through the industry standard supercritical CO2 method – is incorporated into CBD oil tinctures in one pet-focused and four human-friendly flavors, which are created through natural ingredients. The company also offers a bottle of vegan-friendly CBD oil softgels, with prices on the entire line ranging from $35 to $70.

EndoCoast says its CBD oil is all organic and free of heavy metals, residual solvents, and other harmful contaminants, and the company also says its cannabidiol is third-party lab tested, though unfortunately, we don’t see any hard evidence to back up those claims, which harshes our mellow just a bit.

Bottom line: EndoCoast has a great baseline philosophy, and seems to put some care into cultivating quality hemp and CBD oil for their small and focused range of products, but we unfortunately don’t see any evidence of the third-party lab tests the company says its products undergo, and we just can’t be laid back about awarding our all-important safety badge.



Badges For EndoCoast

EndoCoast ReviewQuality Verified

EndoCoast uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method to elicit its full-spectrum CBD oil, which comes from hemp sourced from Europe.

EndoCoast ReviewsMission Verified

EndoCoast hopes to provide a quality, safe and natural product to help bring people a little piece in a not always so peaceful world.




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EndoCoast Review