The Boulder City Council has unanimously voted in favor of a new legislation that would ban all flavoured vaping goods. Moreover, council members agreed to spot an “emergency” ballot for a tax of 40% on vaping goods, which they erroneously refer to as “electronic smoking devices”. ⁠

With the proposed measure a $9 e-liquid would carry na extra $three.60 tax.

Councilwoman Cindy Carlisle expressed her disappointment at the truth that cigarettes had been not integrated in the tax measure, rightly calling the proposal a “half measure.”


Whilst Colorado’s state tax is of approx 20 cents for a 20-packet, Boulder has no city-level tax on frequent cigarettes. Meanwhile, as a outcome of the proposed measure on e-cigs, a $9 e-liquid would carry an extra $three.60 tax.

In addition to sending the incorrect message about the relative security of the goods, several public overall health specialists worry that this discrepancy in taxes will discourage smokers from switching to the safer options.

A counterproductive move

“Taxing vaping goods, or other low-threat options to cigarettes is a counterproductive tax. They lessen the value distinction with lethal cigarettes, thereby providing significantly less financial incentive to switch. By banning flavors and placing forth a hefty tax proposal, the city could is “convey[ing] an inaccurate message to the public about relative dangers,” mentioned David Sweanor, a renowned business specialist and chair of the Advisory Board for Centre for Overall health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Ottawa.

“Trying to discourage a dangerous behavior by way of coercion is not as efficient, nor as humane, as performing so by means of empowerment,” he added. “Giving persons viable options, along with effortless access to them, truthful information and facts about them and ‘nudges’ such as considerable value differentials is the much better route to take.”

A adjust in the State of Colorado’s tobacco law set in spot earlier this year, offers Colorado’s counties, cities and towns, the correct to regulate nicotine goods like e-cigarettes, beyond statewide restrictions.

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