A Vision Focused On Adjust: A Letter From Nutritional High’s CEO, Adam Szweras


Toronto, OntarioSeptember 9, 2019 – Nutritional Higher International Inc. (“Nutritional Higher” or the “Corporation“) (CSE: Consume, OTCQB: SPLIF, FRANKFURT: 2NU) is pleased to provide its strategic vision to shareholders and proposed upcoming alterations by way of the words of the CEO, Adam Szweras:

“Dear Fellow Shareholder,

Nutritional Higher will be moving forward in the coming months and years, guaranteeing that our vision and targets are aligned with yours.

For these who are familiar and involved in the cannabis space, it is clear that the sector is ever evolving and has observed constant development. As CEO, it is my mission to push Nutritional High’s development alongside the present sector by initiating each internal and external alterations to preserve us relevant. In the my very first couple of months as CEO, I have implemented many alterations to our management group, updated a variety of elements of our present business enterprise, and proposed alterations to the general path of Nutritional High’s business enterprise model. 

We are pleased to present an update on Nutritional High’s current progress and our strategic vision for the future.


Redefining Nutritional High’s Existing Enterprise Model

The Nutritional Higher group has been operating to assess our strengths and weaknesses across all facets of our present business enterprise model. Nutritional Higher has two robust and distinct lines of business enterprise – a distribution business enterprise in California, and a manufacturing and branded merchandise business enterprise in Colorado, Oregon and Nevada. We concluded that operations of the business enterprise must be reorganized amidst these two business enterprise units and we are determined to (a) develop Calyx swiftly in conjunction with present and incoming brand partners, and (b) expand our present manufacturing and branded merchandise footprint, as nicely as set our expansion sights on California, Canada and Asia.


Calyx’s Successes and Capitalizing on our Uniquely Situated Distribution Enterprise

Via Calyx, we operate a robust distribution business enterprise that covers the whole State of California. Nutritional Higher has reported big successes such as our Q3 2019 figure of $six.three million in income from the sale of cannabis associated merchandise by Calyx. Gross margin for the similar period was 26.five%. The Q3 2019 filings also marked 5 quarters of continuous income development for the corporation beginning Q3 2018, which developed income of $1.7 million and gross margin of 19.six%. The most current quarter represents an boost of 368% year more than year in cannabis sales.

Having said that, to continue to swiftly develop Calyx, it is essential to anticipate alterations to the sector and continue to adapt.  In this regard, we are finishing a strategic evaluation of Calyx’s business enterprise model and service levels. To date, Calyx has supplied complete service to all of its customers – sales, upkeep and fulfillment – and more than the coming months we will add a number of added service selections to meet the precise wants of our clientele.  We will present distinct service levels in distinct zones, and strategy to companion with crucial consumers to guarantee superior and versatile levels of service.    

Calyx and Nutritional Higher recognize the will need to function collaboratively rather than competitively with our distribution brands, and we have been operating closely with our partners in this regard. In the coming weeks, we will unveil detailed expansion plans for Calyx that we think will very best serve the industry for the foreseeable future.


Assessing and Expanding our Foothold in Manufacturing &amp Branding 

Our manufacturing and branded merchandise business enterprise has established a strong and expanding foothold in the states of Colorado and Nevada. From a best-level point of view, our group is aiming to each consolidate our present manufacturing footprint and to expand it in the close to future. Particularly, the Nutritional Higher group has been generating headway in assisting Palo Verde with the expansion of sales of FLÏ&#x2122 merchandise in Colorado and continuing to enhance our present facility’s operations and processes. We are pleased with the speedy expansion of sales of FLÏ&#x2122 solution in the Colorado industry which is generally described as “saturated”. It must be noted that the State of Colorado has not too long ago created important regulation alterations in the sector, and our group is hunting forward to added ease of access to the industry as a outcome of these alterations. 

Beyond Colorado, Nutritional Higher is integrating Green Therapeutics (Nevada) into our present operations. We appear forward to incorporating their income into our upcoming quarterly economic statements as soon as final municipal and State regulatory approval is received. The Nutritional Higher group is also generating strides to enter the California industry as a manufacturer, enabling us to considerably expand sales of our personal brands and the chance to co-package some of Calyx’s companion brands.

In terms of branding, Nutritional Higher is hunting to redefine our present approach that locations a keen concentrate on in-property solution and brand improvement. This approach consists of identifying possibilities such as the extraction of CBD from hemp to additional diversify our current edible and extract solution lines. To supplement these advances, we are at present creating out our sales and advertising group to take our brand improvement and solution launches to the subsequent level. I am confident that our merchandise are of the highest excellent, and our advertising wants to match that.

Even though we will for the foreseeable future concentrate our sources on expanding sales in California, Colorado and Nevada, we are pleased to continue a steady expansion of sales in Oregon.  At the similar time, we are taking into consideration strategic options for expansion in each Oregon and Washington.  

Nutritional High’s International Expansion Possible

On the international expansion front, the Nutritional Higher group is operating to refine our present business enterprise strategy for Canada. In distinct, we’re hunting forward to the second big round of legalization regulations from Overall health Canada that will include things like edibles and other infused cannabis merchandise. We have important extraction and edible production encounter and know-how, and we appear forward to sharing this with Canadian buyers.   

In addition to Canada, our group is at present creating a approach to tackle Asian markets, beginning with Thailand which saw the legalization of health-related marijuana final year.  On September two, 2019, the Nutritional Higher group received extra good news as Thailand removed cannabis and hemp-primarily based extracts from its banned narcotic substance list. This opens the door for us to function with our partners in Asia to establish an early foothold on what we think could be a quite profitable industry.


Addition of Members to our Existing Leadership and Executive Group

As pointed out in my opening remarks, our Nutritional Higher group has been expanding. We’ve not too long ago added new management and executive group members, like Chad Wittman (our new SVP Manufacturing) and Dwayne Jones (Director of Operations) and Carrie Howes (SVP Communications). Their facts, backgrounds, and present roles can be accessed in the not too long ago updated corporate deck. The most current copy can be located on our corporate web page at www.nutritionalhigh.com.


Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that Nutritional Higher has come a extended way in a brief period of time, but we recognize we have substantially to do.  With a talented group in spot, we are confident we can accelerate sales of our branded and manufactured solution, and will continue to excel in distribution in California and bring our model to other US states.  I am confident that more than the coming months and years, Nutritional Higher will continue to “FLÏ” and soar.

Thank-you for your continued trust and help,”


Adam K. Szweras


Nutritional Higher International Inc.


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