Amid developing issues about e-cigarette devices, a second death in America has been linked to vaping.

The death occurred in Oregon in July, the apparent outcome of a extreme lung illness that wellness officials think was triggered by the use of a vaping device that contained marijuana. The victim’s name and age have not been released.

Officials at the Oregon Wellness Authority mentioned the victim’s symptoms mirrored the respiratory complications noticed in a developing quantity of vaping-associated circumstances across the United States. Much more than 20 individuals all through the midwestern U.S. had been hospitalized final month due to breathing complications linked to vaping in some of these circumstances, physicians initially diagnosed the sufferers with pneumonia. The symptoms of these impacted by vaping have incorporated shortness of breath, exhaustion, vomiting and weight loss, amongst other people.

The news of the Oregon death comes just after a individual in Illinois died in late August due to a lung illness that was the outcome of an e-cigarette. The Oregon death is the 1st to be linked to a vaping device that contained marijuana, according to ABC News.

“We do not however know the precise result in of these illnesses – whether or not they’re triggered by contaminants, components in the liquid or one thing else, such as the device itself,” mentioned Dr. Ann Thomas, the public wellness doctor at the Oregon Wellness Authority, as quoted by ABC.

The death in Illinois final month marked the 1st such fatality to outcome from vaping, punctuating a summer time filled with reports of hospitalizations and frightening episodes connected to e-cigarette devices. The victim was an adult who had created a extreme respiratory illness.

Vaping has skyrocketed in current years, especially amongst teens, as the devices have generally been billed as a healthier option to standard smoking solutions. A survey from Gallup released in July located that cigarette smoking amongst Americans had dropped to an historic low, a decline that coincided with the steady rise of vaping.

But the healthcare neighborhood has urged intense caution with the devices, stressing that vaping poses a quantity of its personal exclusive dangers.

“This tragic death in Illinois reinforces the significant dangers linked with e-cigarette goods,” Centers for Illness Handle and Prevention director Robert R. Redfield mentioned in a statement final month. “Vaping exposes customers to lots of diverse substances for which we have small data about associated harms – such as flavorings, nicotine, cannabinoids, and solvents.”

Redfield mentioned that the CDC is continuing to perform with state and regional governments “to discover the result in or causes of this ongoing outbreak,” underscoring that the dangers linked with vaping are not however totally understood. That has frustrated healthcare officials as they have treated sufferers suffering from illnesses linked to vaping.

The 22 midwesterners who had been hospitalized this summer time incorporated a number of teens and men and women in their 20s, but physicians mentioned they could not pinpoint the precise factors for their illnesses. 1 such case involved a 26-year-old Wisconsin man whose lungs filled with fluid just after employing a vape cartridge he bought off the street, prompting physicians to location him in a medically induced coma.