Cleaning a BLACKENED Mighty Bowl + three Hour Reside Sesh


This weeks weekly youtube livestream was committed to deep cleaning the Mighty vape bowl. Mighty customers everywhere have written me requesting assist with their dirty Mighty bowl. The aluminum surface will bronze more than time and blacken with the years – regardless of capsule use.

In this video I show and speak about a number of strategies to restore the bowl of the Mighty vaporizer.

We start off with a bowl to make the Mighty good and warm. The bowl will come clean extra effortlessly that way.

Although the Mighty warms up, I take a dab with the Rio dabrig.

Strategies to clean Mighty bowl

  • alcohol prep pads -> hot bowl = steam
  • steel wool
  • magic eraser / melamine sponge
  • dental tools / choose tool

When your Mighty bowl is stained dark bronze or black, as mine was, there’s a thick layer of insulation on the surface stopping heat from its optimal path into your herb.

To loosen this black layer, heat up the Mighty and stuff an alcohol prep pad into the bowl and replace the cooling unit.

When the sizzle stops, the pad is possibly dry. Run a handful of pads by means of it to let the alcohol steam operate some magic.

Following a handful of pads, use tweezers or yet another tool to scrub the Mighty bowl employing an ISO q-tip or alcohol prep pad.

Be cautious. The steam can and will burn you. Do not let alcohol accumulate in the bowl or heater.

Abrasives vs Dirty Mighty Bowl

I do not propose abrasives unless certainly important.

Use steel wool to gently scrub the bowl. Be cautious to avert shavings of steel wool from falling down into the heater. I propose wrapping the screen in paper or plastic (without the need of the heat).

Magic Erasers or Melamine sponges will also operate. Once again, be cautious. You do not want Melamine in your lungs.


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