It is been twenty-one particular years since Half Baked hit theaters. The stoner comedy starring a relatively unknown Dave Chappelle, along with Harland Williams, Jim Breuer, Guillermo Díaz, Tommy Chong, Steven Wright, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Bob Saget, Janeane Garofalo, Jon Stewart, and the list goes on. It was stacked with higher-brow talent.


I saw it in a theater with my pals in higher college and it was instantly the stoner classic of our generation. The theater erupted with laughter and smoke and played in an off-the-beaten-path theater in a rundown mall that we had to drive far out of the way in a blizzard for. But there it was in all it is glory, calling to us with it is vibrant psychedelic poster.


Dave Chappelle as co-writer and lead, definitely flexed his young comedic muscle tissues in it. In truth, everybody in the film kills. Genuinely, there are a ridiculous quantity of quotable lines pouring out of this point.


It was about very good instances amongst pals in a communal setting of diversity and appreciate. Positive there was a deadly drug kingpin right after them, but even that was was a very good time. Plus, it had a cute romance in there. What wasn’t to appreciate?


If you haven’t noticed this film, I higherly (sorry, can not support it) advise you to place it at the prime of your comedy watch list. And if you have seen it, go back and rewatch it. Since it turns out, that immediate classic, definitely does hold it is classic status.


Now two decades later, we nevertheless wait in wonderment , will we ever see this cast get Totally Baked? It would be so terrific to see exactly where everybody ended up all these years later. What would they appear like in the present climate of the globe and with the new pot laws. It definitely would be an evolutionary chapter rather than just a continuation of what they currently did.


Cheech and Chong knocked a quantity of very good motion pictures out in their day and I have no doubt this group could do the very same if they wanted to. I’m confident Dave Chappelle is not definitely considering about going back to it but we can dream.


And if he have been to go back, it would be fascinating to see if he’d bring his personal genuine life experiences into his Thurgood Jenkins character. Perhaps getting him a bit a lot more of a really serious guy but reconnecting to his old pals and unwinding. Or possibly have them turn Mr Good Guy into a legit weed enterprise in Colorado and Thurgood’s now in a boss position. The possibilities are endless. What ever it would be, I’d watch the shit out it.