The FBI is hunting into prospective corruption in the burgeoning U.S. marijuana business – especially in Western  markets – and is looking for guidelines to investigate.

“As an escalating quantity of states modify their marijuana legislation, the FBI is seeing a public corruption threat emerge in the expanding cannabis business,” FBI spokeswoman Mollie Halpern stated on a podcast released by the FBI on Thursday.

“States call for licenses to develop and sell the drug – opening the possibility for public officials to come to be susceptible to bribes in exchange for these licenses.”

She asked listeners to get in touch with nearby FBI field offices if they suspect either a dispensary is operating illegally or public corruption in the marijuana business.

Supervisory Unique Agent Regino Chavez added that the FBI has discovered of some cannabis small business licenses getting sold for as substantially as $500,000, an indicator of how substantially of a corrupting influence license caps can have for the new market place.

And FBI Intelligence Analyst David Kirschner stated the concern will not be disappearing anytime quickly.

Quite a few business sources have separately confirmed to Marijuana Enterprise Every day that they’ve spoken with FBI agents in current years.

What they’ve typically discussed is the possibility of corruption and spend-to-play conditions in the awarding of small business licenses.

Corruption has been an ongoing obstacle in California for quite a few entrepreneurs.

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