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Medical marijuana sufferers have recognized cannabis’ medicinal worth for 1000’s of years. CNN and different credible, mainstream media shops have begun reporting these info and medical advantages. This has accelerated and expanded cannabis analysis. We base ALL medical claims on respected, revealed medical research (click on this hyperlink to learn a few of them).

Medical research have confirmed that cannabis treats, prevents, and is a few instances, cures a few of our most devastating sicknesses.

A well-regulated medical marijuana program leads to many social advantages. By altering the present philosophy from criminalization to training and compassion our society will develop as a complete. The USA incarcerates extra of its residents than another nation on this planet! This contains communist China, socialist Russia and even dictatorship Syria.

The USA arrests and incarcerates practically 800,000 People per yr for non-violent marijuana violations. This staggering quantity prices extra than simply billions of {dollars}.

It takes away youngsters’s mother and father.
Prices trustworthy, hard-working People their jobs and careers.
Offers younger folks legal information that forestall them from getting school scholarships, and in lots of instances, the chance to attend school.