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Chickens to hemp

Hemp is producing waves with the farming communities as the a lot of optimistic qualities are becoming realized. Industrial hemp has the prospective to revitalize the a lot of farming communities by adding to their arsenal a different way to create earnings and save the loved ones farm. Expanding hemp is an exceptional way to diversify and use current sources much more proficiently.

By John Hood

Why not do each?


Mike Weaver employed to be a poultry farmer for many years, operating with Pilgrim’s Pride in Moorefield, West Virginia.

Final year, he joined other poultry growers to voice discontent with the business, saying they hadn’t gotten any properly-deserved raises for almost two decades.

“When you go to the shop, and you spend two or 3 dollars for a pound of chicken, I get 5 cents of that…and I raised that chicken,” Weaver told us at the time.

Now, he’s headed down a different avenue.

“I’m not going to raise chickens any longer,” Weaver stated. “Now, I’m building an operation on my farm to commence developing and processing industrial hemp and CBD oil goods.”

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