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The European Industrial Hemp Association is attempting to develop a additional competitive marketplace for hemp by pushing for an easing-up of THC restrictions from .two% to .three%. According to the EIHA, “The hemp meals sector in Europe has a considerable competitive disadvantage to producers in North America and Asia. With rising hemp meals markets, this challenge will develop into even larger in subsequent years.”

The association also continued that altering the THC level to .three% will tot have a “noticeable impact on illicit cannabis production” and “Decades of knowledge in Canada have shown that hemp seeds from industrial hemp with .three % THC have no relevant larger THC values and that hemp seeds can also be classified with this (.three % THC) threshold worth as completely secure and harmless.”

At the moment, roughly 68 hemp varieties are authorized in the EU, and they are identified for their low-THC levels, robust stems, higher seed continent, and fibers. It does not appear that farmers in the EU and their firms are negatively impacted by the restrictions. According to a Mr. Coxall, whose statements had been featured in a CBD Testers write-up, “Although the present EU authorized hemp varieties are far from appropriate for CBD production due to their lack of breeding, traditionally bred for stalk or seed, and the suffocating .two % THC cap, farmers in Europe can nevertheless make as substantially as 33,000 Euros per hectare with varieties which attain three% CBD.”