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In this article, we’ll discuss vaping CBD and will ask why users are choosing vaporizers—otherwise known as vapes— as their preferred delivery method, and how KushyCBD has developed a market-leading CBD vape which delivers reliable results with the cleanest processes.

  • What is CBD?
  • CBD Doesn’t Get You High
  • What is Vaping and How Does it Work?
  • Why Vaping CBD Might Be Best for You
  • Why People are Vaping CBD Oil
  • KushyCBD’s Vapes and Why We’re Different

Before we get into the specifics of vaping CBD, we should take a step back and explain a little about the much-hyped compound cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids found in the Cannabis genus.

It has a very similar molecular structure to its more well-known sister cannabinoid THC. But crucially, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, meaning that users don’t get high.

When consumed, CBD triggers the cannabinoid receptor. This interacts with the brain’s serotonin and vanilloid receptors, which in turn affects the user’s perception of pain.

CBD has also been observed to actually block the effects of both THC and other drugs. This has lead to it it becoming an increasingly compelling solution to opioid addiction. The drug also has notably effective anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-spasm and antipsychotic properties.

As public faith in the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry has declined, CBD has entered the lexicon as a compound that has a wide berth of applications for an enormous number of people seeking relief from pain and variety of ailments.

While research into the effects that CBD has on particular illnesses and ailments is in its relative infancy, there is a lot of compelling information emerging about its potential to prevent cancer, treat diabetes, PTSD, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease and scores more debilitating diseases, which we will explore in more depth in the coming chapters.

CBD doesn’t get you high

That’s right. CBD is not psychoactive. It doesn’t contain the compound THC, which latches onto user’s CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain after consumption. This interaction creates the stoned feeling.

In fact, CBD has been shown to actually counteract the stone. This has lead to it becoming a popular remedy for those that find themselves too deep after a space cake or two.

Sure, the non-psychoactive properties of CBD will repel a large swath of the traditional cannabis market. But it does open up the use of this substance to a considerably wider pool of people.

It’s a fact that not everyone wants to feel stoned. CBD is finding supporters from all walks of life, some with illnesses such as cancer, insomnia or epilepsy. Others are simply seeking an aura of calm or an effective post-workout anti-inflammatory.

Given the increasing body of evidence suggesting CBD’s wide berth of applications, this unassuming compound is poised to herald in a significant disruption of the pharmaceutical industry.

What is Vaping and How Does it Work?

Vaping is the process of inhaling a particular liquid or concentrate—be it vegetable glycerin-based nicotine juice, THC concentrate or CBD oil—by heating it with an atomizer and inhaling through a mouthpiece.

Composed of a battery, a cartridge or tank, an atomizer and filled with e-juice of some form, vapes can be either refillable or disposable, and some come as all-in-pieces with batteries attached or are only compatible with a specific rechargeable battery.

While the first contemporary vapes, or e-cigarettes as they are often called, hit the market around 2004, advancements in technology and a continued decline in cigarette use lead to vapes surging in popularity in the last few years.

Within the cannabis community, vaping has proven to be a discrete, fast-acting way for patients to consume. With very little scent and the ability to microdose easily, vapes are the fastest growing product category in the legal cannabis market.

In 2016, cannabis delivery service Eaze reported that nearly one quarter of all sales were for vapes, while BDS Analytics found that 80% of all concentrate (purified cannabis extracts designed to maximize the desirable aspects and compounds of the plant) sales in California were for vapes.

While it could be that California’s infamous and collective health and wellness obsession could be the source of our love of the vape, just how healthy vaping truly is is still very much up for debate.

While presumed inert aspects of vaping are still very much up for debate, there appear to be few medical professionals or studies that conclude that the risks are comparable to cigarettes.

Why Vaping CBD Might Be Best For You


Alongside CBD-heavy flower or dabbing pure CBD oil, vaping is the fastest way for patients to get their medicine. As the CBD is being absorbed through your bloodstream as opposed to being metabolized by the liver, it begins acting almost immediately.

For some users, waiting up to 60 minutes for their gummies, gel caps or tinctures to absorb isn’t an option. Anyone that suffers from anxiety, or needs a CBD solution that is more reactive to certain issues or ailments, will find fast acting relief from vaping.


Destigmatizing cannabis consumption gradually is a mission that many of us in the industry take very seriously. Decades of unfounded claims (see Reefer Madness…) and government-sanctioned smear campaigns have left an undeniable impact on the perception of all cannabis users.

We’re making progress, and that’s thanks in no small part to CBD and its application has a compelling treatment. But there is still a stigma attached to lighting up a joint or smoking a bong, even if the cannabis you’re consuming doesn’t get you high. Many of us have gravitated towards products that are “cleaner”, more discrete or scent-free, and much of vaping’s popularity can likely be attributed to this.


Vaping is also extremely convenient. Its discretion means that it can be done quickly and almost anywhere its legally permitted, and unlike a dab rig, a bong or other cannabis paraphernalia, it can slide neatly into your pocket, bag or purse.

The all-in-one, disposable vapes are particularly simple. Ready to go straight out of the box and without variables for heat, they are the perfect for anyone looking for something sleek, simple and subtle.

KushyCBD’s disposable vape has one of the strongest batteries available, meaning that unlike many other vapes, ours works beyond the last inhalation and ensures that you aren’t left with CBD oil in the tank.

For those looking to integrate CBD concentrate into their consumption habits, our 1000mg vape cartridge is a good place to start. Compatible with your standard 510 battery and lower on waste than the all-in-one pen, this option gives users a little more bang for their buck, and allows for variance in temperature, depending on the quality of your battery.

How KushyPunch Does CBD

“We feel that there is more than enough scientific evidence to suggest that anyone can enjoy the healing benefits of cannabis. That led us to develop products that are also available to those living under prohibition, and those that may not want the effects of THC but could still benefit from having cannabis in their lives.”

KushyPunch CEO and founder Ruben Cross talking to Leafly

Since launching in 2014, KushyPunch has been one of the most trusted and widely respected cannabis companies on the market. Our classic THC gummies have continued to set benchmarks for quality and consistency, even as many of the best practices for production and compliance were still being written. Over the years we introduced new gummies and a line of vapes, and patients and patrons looking for a reliable, high quality source of medicine knew that they could trust our products every time.

Even as the cannabis industry shifts and expands at a rapid rate, we remain fully focused on delivering the best experience for our customers, and continue to be spurred by the positive testimonials and impassioned emails thanking us for serving the community for as long as we have.

“My husband is a former NFL Player. He’s 48 and permanently disabled. He has had a lot of surgery and has suffers with chronic pain every single day. The KushyCBD is the only thing that takes away the intense pain in his feet.”  – Trisha

“My son Sean takes your CBD Gummy daily to keep his seizures under control.”  – Elsa

“KushyCBD has helped me with my pain so much. I truly appreciate it.” – Patricia

“One of our customers is an 85-year-old grandfather who tells us that when he takes it, he goes dancing with his girlfriend!” Ruben told Leafly. “That’s something truly special. It’s been a tremendous joy and honor to be in this industry and to help people access the positive benefits of CBD.”

When KushyPunch moved into the CBD space, we committed ourselves to delivering the same high standards that we built our reputation on in the THC market. But despite vast leaps in quality and consistency being made by the industry leaders, there are a lot of companies that aren’t giving their patients the information they need to make educated, informed decisions about CBD.

“We would see products being marketed by how much CBD oil was in them—not by how much actual CBD it contained, which is the information that consumers really need,” Ruben explained to Leafly. “Unfortunately, you’re still seeing a lot of players entering the cannabis space who are far more interested in marketing and branding than they are in producing a good product. That’s just not us. We start with the product, then we think about the packaging and everything else.”

KushyPunch’s Chief Scientist Carolina Vasquez

In the past year, we have doubled down on our commitment to staying ahead on innovation and compliance by hiring our chief scientist and director of research and development Carolina Vasquez.

Carolina is KushyCBD’s chief scientist and director of research and development. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Carolina moved to the United States in 2010 after graduating with a BS in Chemistry Pharmacobiology and Industrial Chemistry from the University of Guadalajara. She went on to receive her MS in Chemistry from the USC, and undertook four years of a PhD program there before being lured by the draw of this bold new research frontier.

Prior to joining Kushy Punch, Carolina was the Head of Research for Power Brands, America’s leading beverage consultancy firm. During her tenure, she led more than ten projects for a broad spectrum of companies, nurtured a concept to commercialization for a company with 7000+ restaurants worldwide, and developed products for one of the top cereal companies in the US and the most prominent sports drinks brand in the word.

Since joining the company, Carolina has been transforming our laboratory into a world-class food production facility and bringing FDA-level standards to our process whilst ensuring that the company continues to push our product innovation and uphold the highest standards of compliance and food safety.

KushyCBD Vapes

All-in-One 500mg Vape

KushyPunch’s new 500mg disposable vape contains our signature full spectrum, pesticide-free oil, which is 175mg of pure CBD and 325mg of natural terpenes and other cannabinoids. Powered by an extra long-lasting 400mAh battery, this sleek, ceramic-tipped pen is perfect for those looking for a fast-acting, hassle-free CBD experience that delivers until the very last puff.

Perfect for:

  • New, less experienced users
  • People suffering from anxiety or insomnia
  • Those with low appetite
  • Reducing post-workout inflammation

1000mg Cartridge

The 1000mg vape cartridge also contains KushyPunch’s clean, pesticide and THC-free full spectrum oil, which is rich with cannabinoids and natural terpenes. This is perfect for seasoned vape users with a trusted 510 battery and is looking to integrate CBD into their lives.

Perfect for:

  • More experienced users
  • Those with 510 batteries
  • Those suffering from anxiety or insomnia
  • Those with low appetite
  • Reducing post-workout inflammation

KushyCBD’s Full Spectrum Oil

KushyPunch’s reputation as one of the most trusted brands in California is built on the back of the consistency and potency of our product. While potency is less of a demand from the CBD consumer, consistency is of utmost importance. For many people, this is their medication, and we take that responsibility extremely seriously.

The quality and consistency of our oil has been a cornerstone of our product since we launched. Today we are one of a handful of cannabis companies that use what is called full-spectrum oil across our products. This extraction technique strives to use as much of the plant, its terpenes and flavinoids, and diverse cannabinoids (except THC!) as possible, giving users a considerably more well rounded, some have said “deeper”, experience.

Our lab tested oil is 100% free from solvents, pesticides and heavy metals, and always contains the stated amount of CBD.

Further Reading

One thing that we can’t stress enough is that you need to do your research into both CBD and vaping.

While studies into CBD are extremely promising and emerging very quickly, federal prohibition has severely hampered research into this compound and its application as a treatment for myriad illnesses and ailments.

The studies that do exist however are extremely promising and anecdotal evidence about how CBD has transformed people’s lives and given them relief from pain is widespread.

Below is a list of studies into CBD’s effectiveness in treating the following issues:

Vaping is arguably more controversial than CBD. Held back somewhat by unsubstantiated claims that it’s healthy merely on account of the fact that it is healthier than cigarettes, the jury is out on the long-term impact of vaping.

While it’s likely that those findings are some way off, those looking to become more familiar with the potential risks or drawbacks from vaping CBD would do well to check out this comprehensive article from Vice’s Tonic platform.

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