All vapers deal with coils sooner or later. Coils have a huge influence on flavor, and not everyone knows how and when to change a coil. Here is an educational article on how and when to change a coil, to optimize your flavor and vape experience!

Before we get too far into our tutorial, let’s take a look at what a coil is, and what it does. The coil is a crucial element to the atomizer, which heats e-juice to the point of vaporization. It is a spiral of conductive material that transforms electrical power (from your battery) into heat. No electricity, no heat. Coils can be made of Kanthal, stainless steel, ceramics, nickel, and various other conductors. If it vapes, it has a heating element of some variety. Knowing as much as you can about your coil empowers you as a vaper.

Since the genesis of vaping, coils have advanced dramatically. The option of “building” your own coils in RDA and RTA atomizers has produced some truly awesome coils. A lot of atomizers come with pre-built coils at specific ohms, which takes time and effort out of the vaping process.

Nothing lasts forever. Coils have a life-span, like all things. You may notice a “burnt” taste, less vapor production, or leakage issues with your atomizer. These are all signs that your coil may need to be changed. If your coil and wicking material looks dark, crusted, or flat-out ugly, change that coil!

A lot of variables influence coil performance and longevity. Lower ohms means less resistance, which sucks more power from your battery to heat your coil faster. Heavier vaping means more demand from your coil. A casual vaper will have to change his or her coil less frequently than a vapomaniac.

Flavors also influence coil longevity. Sweeter flavors caramelize and “gunk up” coils faster than, say, a basic fruit. If you love dessert flavors, anticipate more coil changes. Other variables include acidity, viscosity (higher VG blackens coils faster), and length of time the firing button is pressed (longer vapes = less coil life).

Some flavor purists insist on changing their coils and wicks every time they change flavor. Some vapers only change their coils when it is absolutely necessary. Think of it like changing the oil in your car; different performance needs changes the upkeep necessity.

As a general rule, your coil should be changed if you experience any of the following:

  • Reduced flavor/vapor production
  • Leakage issues
  • Gurgling
  • Burnt taste
  • Lingering flavors
  • Uncanny ohm readings
  • Dissatisfaction with your vape in general

Heavy vapers should change their coils every five to seven days. Moderate vapers should change their coils every two weeks. Light vapers can get away with changing their coils every three to four weeks. These are general guides, and if you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should probably change your coil sooner.

There is no universal method for coil changing. With such a wide variety of coil options in the vaping world, every atomizer has its own method options. Generally, you should ensure that you’ve emptied all e-juice from your atomizer. For tank users, make sure the tank is empty. For RDA folks, make sure excess e-juice is clear.

For pre-built and stock coils, the coil can be unscrewed from the atomizer.  Build decks usually have a hex-screw or allen wrench with which to unscrew your coil from the posts. YouTube is a great resource for finding specific tutorials on your atomizer’s removal process. No two atomizer models are identical, so some research may be required.

Pre-build coils can be screwed into the atomizer deck. Remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey! Make sure the pre-build coil is tightly fastened and primed.

For those new to building, I’d recommend checking out our Coil-Building Tutorial. Building can get extremely technical, and there is no limit to the expertise you can achieve in coil-building.

Insert the coil to the post-holes, screw them in with the proper tools, and insure your ohms are registering in the proper range. Wick, prime, and apply e-juice as needed.

As noted before, there is no universal way to change a coil. You may need to contact our Customer Service Department or prowl the Internet for advanced and specific techniques to change your coil. Learn as much as you can about products, techniques, and innovations

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