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  • Big Sky Botanicals Review


CBD Oil Review rates The Big Sky Botanicals Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Mission Badges.

Big Sky Botanicals: 60-Second Summary

Big Sky Botanicals operates under the guiding belief that phytocannabinoid-rich products can benefit almost anyone. They are consummately transparent, detailing every step of the production process, all of which takes place right here in the U.S. The brand sources organic hemp, they use both CO2 and ethanol extraction, and they offer broad spectrum CBD oil with 0% THC. We really like what we see here, and Big Sky Botanicals conducts rigorous testing for potency and contaminants. But at this point, these tests are done internally (not by a third party), which means the company cannot receive our Safety Badge quite yet.


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Big Sky Botanicals Brand Review

The Big Sky Botanicals team is no stranger to the health and wellness space. Co-founder and President Brian Frank founded Hammer Nutrition, a sports nutrition company, back in 1987. Through this endeavor, he developed cutting-edge supplements and recognized the potential of CBD hemp to benefit health products for athletes early on. His Big Sky partner, Vince Arnone, worked under him at Hammer Nutrition for many years, and the two bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Big Sky Botanicals details their entire process on their website. Organically grown Colorado hemp, specifically the cannabis strain AC/DC, is extracted (CO2 and ethanol), winterized, and then put through High Performance Liquid Chromatography to remove all remaining THC. The result is a broad spectrum CBD oil that is 100% free of THC. In fact, the company markets their products as having the accessibility of CBD isolate with the benefits of full spectrum cannabidiol. This is a wise move that enables the customer concerned with THC content to still reap the benefits of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes offered by the cannabis plant.

After HPLC, a portion of their CBD oil is processed with nanotechnology to effectively shrink molecules and render them water-soluble. Everything takes place in a GMP facility right here in the USA. And Big Sky promises fair pricing now and forever. They are not a typical CBD vendor with constant sales and promotions, but rather offer CBD products at a constant, reasonable rate. Plus, the company offers a referral program and subscription savings for their regular customers.

Something we love about Big Sky Botanicals is how they clearly mark their products as ‘water-soluble’ and ‘ oil based’, so customers know exactly what they’re getting. Their CBD softgels and hydro tinctures are both water-soluble products created with a nanoemulsion process. The oil-based varieties include broad spectrum CBD tinctures in a rich carrier combo of MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and grapeseed oil, and a clean CBD balm with all-natural ingredients.

Big Sky Botanicals does a great job by posting contaminants results and cannabinoid profiles for each of their SKUs. But there’s just one problem — the tests are conducted internally. In order to qualify for our Safety Badge, these tests need to be performed by an independent laboratory. We have no doubt their offerings are indeed high quality and rigorously tested; we just need it confirmed by a third party because that’s our methodology that’s there for a reason.

Bottom Line – Big Sky Botanicals is a highly transparent CBD vendor with clean, efficient processes. They simply need independent testing protocols and perhaps some work in the charity and innovation departments to rank higher with us.

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Badges For Big Sky Botanicals

Big Sky Botanicals ReviewQuality Verified

The Big Sky Botanical product line is made from organically grown Colorado hemp that is processed via CO2 and ethanol extraction.

Big Sky Botanicals ReviewMission Verified

Big Sky Botanicals promotes wellness and positive daily healing practices through their quality CBD supplements.



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Big Sky Botanicals

Big Sky Botanicals