Worldwide medicinal cannabis enterprise, Veritas Pharma Inc. has announced the completion of a clinical trial by their Puerto Rican subsidiary to test the efficacy of vaporized CTL-X, their precise cannabis strain mix, in the remedy of acute discomfort.

San Juan-primarily based FDI Clinical Analysis performed the randomized, double-blinded, cross-more than trial, which started in late 2018.

CTL-X previously underwent two years of preclinical testing at Veritas’ investigation division, Cannavert Therapeutics Ltd. at the University of British Columbia.

“From this study, we will be in a position to give true scientific and proof-primarily based information on the use of cannabis for health-related purposes for remedy of acute discomfort,” mentioned Veritas Healthcare Director, Dr. Scott Alexander. “We think that for millions of folks suffering from acute discomfort, vaporized cannabis can potentially decrease the will need for other medicines, which includes opioids.”

Dr. Alexander says that the study outcomes will give clinicians a improved understanding of precise dosage and delivery for acute discomfort and encourage much more investigation to determine dangers and advantages of complete plant cannabinoid use in complementary therapy.

With the trial phase completed, Veritas and FDI will take the subsequent 3 months to analyze the outcomes and submit a scientific report for publication detailing preliminary efficacy information on CTL-X compared to a placebo, dosage recommendations, and security and tolerability information on side effects and adverse reactions.