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Just after a small soul browsing, and possibly a speedy study of final week’s weblog post, you have decided to rebrand your cannabis business. But now what? Coming up with an totally new brand identity is one particular point, but retooling and revising what you have currently got is an totally diverse story. Right here are a couple of strategies to support you pull off a prosperous rebranding.

Get Back to Fundamentals

Though rebranding is a diverse journey than the initial branding method, several of the core ideas stay the similar. The initial point you need to have to do ahead of you begin rebranding your cannabis business is to get back to the fundamentals and begin more than. Ask your self what your company’s core values are. Is it the similar as when you began? How has it changed? Come across out who your core prospects are, discover out what they like, and figure out how to finest serve them. Even if you are not performing a comprehensive rebranding, it is important to at the extremely least begin by defining these simple principles. By having back to your roots initial, you will be superior equipped to know exactly where you need to go subsequent.

Maintain Records

If you want to pull off a rebrand effectively, you are going to need to have to document totally every little thing you do. If some thing goes incorrect (or proper) you will want to know specifically how it occurred, who created the selection, and how to stay away from (or repeat) the similar selection in the future. In addition, strict documentation will support each stakeholder or member of your group keep in the loop and informed about the ongoing rebranding method. Make the records readily accessible for your group members and stakeholders. 1 way that you can preserve records is by making use of apps like Evernote or Trello, which enables you to create notes that every person on your group can see. You might also want to use applications like Slack, which not only will support you communicate with your group but also preserve records of each conversation that your group has.

Maintain What Functions and Discard Almost everything Else

There are two prevalent phrases which sum up this point completely: “If it ain’t broke, do not repair it” and “Don’t throw the infant out with the bathwater.” When you are going via the rebranding method, figure what functions and what does not. Possibly your logo is completely fine, but your target audience is what’s off. Do not threat your brand’s integrity just to attempt some thing new. A terrific cautionary tale can be discovered in the clothes business Gap. In 2010, the business decided that it necessary to refresh its brand. 1 of the strategies Gap hoped to achieve this was by rolling out a brand-new logo, which on its face is not wholly unreasonable. The trouble is that there was practically nothing incorrect with Gap’s original logo. Needless to say, the new logo was extensively condemned, and the business immediately switched back to their old logo. Do not be like Gap, preserve what functions and get rid of every little thing else.

Conduct Study

The rebranding method is extremely a lot a journey, and like all journeys, you need to have to do your homework ahead of you start. In the case of physical journeys, this signifies searching at a map and plotting your course. In the case of rebranding, this signifies researching each your competitors and the industry. Though you might have performed study when you initial launched your business, it normally pays to refresh items.

The industry will pretty much undoubtedly have changed considering that the initial time you launched your brand, so it is paramount that you discover out all you can ahead of performing going any additional. Likewise, you will want to study your competitors to see what they’re performing proper and incorrect. Aside from the reality that you just commonly want to get a leg up on the competitors, it is also critical to study your competitors so that you can superior distinguish your self. Nothing at all kills a brand more quickly than blending in with the crowd do your homework!

Function with Essential Stakeholders

If you want your cannabis rebrand to go off with no a hitch, then you are going to have to operate with the crucial stakeholders each step of the way regardless of whether that is an investor or project manager. The purpose why you want to preserve every person in the loop, aside from the reality that it is the proper point to do, is that you run the threat of derailing the complete project if you do not.

You might consider altering one particular aspect of the brand is a terrific thought, but other folks might not. These other men and women might have the energy to quit you from implementing your plans or they might merely be privy to some thing that you are not. When communicating with these crucial stakeholders, be confident to preserve them abreast of items like:

  • Spending budget
  • Project timelines
  • Study that supports the choices you are generating
  • Objectives
  • Any and all alterations to the brand
  • How this rebrand will impact them personally

Powerful communication with every person involved will not only save you time, but it will also support preserve your excellent concepts from going down the toilet just due to the fact you didn’t say something.

Make a Project Management Workflow

Let’s be truthful, the term “Project Management Workflow” is most likely one particular of the most boring phrases ever uttered, and but, it is also one particular of the most essential elements of the rebranding method. Everybody on your group wants to know what the objectives are, how you strategy on reaching them, what their part in the method is, and what the time frame for these objectives are. If these items are not communicated, then your group might run the threat of doubling your efforts or spending additional time on a process that is necessary.  

1 way you can organize your cannabis rebrand workflow is by hiring a project manager. If you do not have the spending budget for one particular, or you just want to support make the method additional effective, then it is paramount that you use process management software program. Activity management software program will let you to share objectives, assign group members to these objectives, and verify off tasks that have been completed.

There are numerous process management platforms out there really feel totally free to use whichever one particular that functions for you. Asana is an fantastic tool for process management. You can make tasks, subtasks, add group members, and additional. There’s also Basecamp, Bitrix24, and even Evernote will operate in a pinch. Go out there, attempt a couple of apps, and choose which one particular functions finest for you.

Program the Rebrand Rollout

This one particular could possibly appear like a no-brainer, but you would be shocked to find out how several men and women will go via the whole rebranding method and then have no strategy for how to launch the rebrand. Basically altering every little thing about your brand and then telling no one particular that you did it or why you did it is a recipe for disaster. A terrific instance of this can be discovered in the Microsoft Zune.

Launched in 2006, the Zune was meant to be a competitor to Apple’s iPod. Though it was less expensive than the iPod, had additional attributes, and even supplied a music subscription service the Zune was a industrial failure. The purpose why the Zune failed was that Microsoft by no means definitely planned the Zune’s launch previous Day 1, and so the MP3 player by no means definitely discovered its footing.

As you go via the rebranding method, begin pondering about how you are going to launch it. Begin writing press releases to clarify the rebrand, attain out to publications or PR agencies to support get the word out. You might also want to consider about how you will clarify the rebrand to your workers as nicely considering that several of them will most most likely be unaware of what’s taking place. You might also want to take into consideration hosting a launch celebration and invite market tastemakers to get the word out.

Defend Your Brand

Regardless of regardless of whether your rebranding your business or not, defending the brand is one particular of the most critical items you can do. Individuals inside and outdoors of your business will want to tweak your company’s colors or modify your message or just be overly essential of the alterations you created. When that takes place, you need to have to stand firm on your choices and defend them as challenging as you can. This is your hill to die on. The most critical point about a brand is consistency, and if you are not prepared to defend your brand with each ounce of becoming, then you need to have to modify what you are performing.

No cannabis rebrand is assured to succeed, but there are a lot of items that you can do to make confident that it has each likelihood of accomplishment. Understanding what tends to make your brand operate, taking the time for operate with every person on your group, preparing the rebrand launch, and doggedly defending your brand are just a couple of of the items you can do to make confident you cannabis rebrand goes off with no a hitch.