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Hey, so this is how I water my marijuana plants that are expanding in coco. You want to water every day, in contrast to soil mainly because coco is a hydroponics media.

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Their are a couple of motives for this.

1. Coco holds 30% oxygen when totally saturated.
two. If you let coco dry out, you will get reduced yields and most probably nutrient troubles mainly because when the coco dries out, it leaves dry spots, exactly where the roots dry up and die. That causes troubles.
three. When you water every single day or twice a day or ever 3 occasions a day, you are replacing all the oxygen the plant utilised up, as a result letting it develop more rapidly. You are also replacing any nutrients the plant utilised up with fresh nutrients. This is why I water every single day with nutrients.
four. You get hydroponic outcomes. Quick development. Larger yields.

Yes, this is aspect of the course on how I develop marijuana in coco.