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Couple of musicians have the cannabis cachet of avid toker Willie Nelson. The nation music star’s Willie’s Reserve has been a significant hit, with his branded joints, buds and an ever-expanding list of infused solutions locating their way into dispensaries about Colorado and beyond. As an alternative of tethering the brand to a single supplier, Willie’s Reserve partners with wholesale cannabis growers about the state to make sure a wide variety of strains and varieties. The approach has helped the brand develop into a big presence, although offerings from Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have seemingly plateaued.

Even though considerably of the good results of Willie’s Reserve can be attributed to the recognition of the Red Headed Stranger himself, it wouldn’t have occurred at all without the need of Elizabeth Hogan, co-founder of GCH Inc., the business that owns Nelson’s cannabis brands. Whilst she’s not connected to Nelson, the strawberry blonde has offered new which means to the term “red-headed stepchild” as she plots the path to a pot empire. To find out extra about her exclusive job situation, we caught up with Hogan when she was at SXSW in Austin.

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