Sour OG Strain (2019 Complete Overview)


Becoming the youngster of renowned parents comes with a lot of stress and expectation becoming placed on you. Your faults and deficiencies are magnified. You are frequently becoming compared to your renowned and profitable parents. However, this is also the case even when you are a cannabis strain! Sour OG is a descendant of cannabis royalty, two strains renowned for becoming amongst the very best strains out there. So, no stress Sour OG. Let’s see how this strain fares up against its award-winning parents.

What is the Sour OG Strain?

Sour OG is a 50/50 hybrid strain designed by California seed business Cali Connection. Sour OG was formed when two legendary strains, San Fernando Valley OG (a West Coast phenotype of OG Kush) was crossed with Sour Diesel. I’m glad to say that Sour OG has inherited the very best traits of its two parent strains. The truth that this strain picked up prime prize in the Most effective Hybrid category in the Detroit Higher Occasions Healthcare Cup is a testament to its high quality.

Some may possibly know Sour OG by its original name, i.e., 818 Headband (named immediately after an region code in Los Angeles). Some cannabis shops nonetheless sell this strain below its original name, but it is considerably much more generally sold below its new name Sour OG. This strain acquired its new name as its recognition soared and it became broadly made use of in other components of the United States.

Although you may possibly count on a 50/50 hybrid strain to make a nicely-balanced blend of each sativa and indica effects, this is undoubtedly not the case with Sour OG. The sativa effects come on rapid and robust prior to the “crash” of its indica effects kick in a couple of hours later. Sour OG’s initial cerebral and energetic higher contrasts starkly with the deep “body stone” feeling seasoned later immediately after the initial higher has worn off. It is for this explanation that Sour OG has generally been referred to as a “one-hit-quit” strain.

Although Sour OG’s typical THC level of among 13-17% is not as higher as other much more potent strains out there, it does not imply that this strain is not difficult-hitting, nor that it ought to be taken lightly. In truth, if you are a novice cannabis smoker it is advisable to pass on this distinct strain as it is much more appropriate for recreational and medicinal cannabis smokers who are much more accustomed to much more potent strains. Sour OG’s CBD content material is pretty low also, coming in at below .02%

As currently talked about, Sour OG’s initial buzz will have you feeling euphoric and pleased in no time at all. Some smokers of this strain knowledge the “giggles” creating it a great strain to delight in with pals. Nevertheless, when the inevitable crash takes place later in the day, smokers obtain that it is accompanied by the “munchies” also, so it is possibly a great notion to have some treats close to hand when this takes place.

Sour OG Strain Aroma, Flavor and Look

A Sour OG plant is a colorful mixture of vibrant lime-green calyxes and vibrant orange pistils which complement the sticky milky-white trichomes covering its buds. These buds are round and densely packed with each other, reflecting the plant’s OG Kush heritage.

Sour OG’s aroma is a pungent mixture of the fragrances of each of its parent strains. An initial robust gasoline smell with skunky and sour aromas initially hits the nostrils followed by the strain’s much more pleasant sweet, lemony, floral, earthy and pine fragrances.

Taste-smart, Sour OG’s flavors have been described as tart, with sweet and floral flavors which tantalize the taste buds. Sour OG’s sweeter notes are offset by earthier and much more pungent flavors which give the strain its distinctive taste.

Sour OG Strain Develop Information

Sour OG is thought of to be a moderately hard cannabis plant to develop. It grows nicely in soil or a hydroponic setup. A Sour OG plant is naturally hugely resistant to mold and mildew, and it is not adversely impacted in climates with a bit much more moisture in the air. This plant grows very best in a temperature variety of among 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

To get the very best yield from your Sour OG plant, you will have to train the prime of the plant consistently to maximize the quantity of light exposure to the buds. Efficient pruning of this plant will outcome in a dense coating of trichome-covered buds. A fundamental and typical feeding schedule is adequate for this plant.

The flowering period for a Sour OG plant is among 7-9 weeks with October becoming the perfect month for harvesting. A Sour OG plant grown indoors will make a yield of about 16 ounces per meter squared although a plant grown outdoors will make 19 ounces of bud per plant.

Healthcare Rewards of Sour OG

Sour OG’s uplifting sativa effects make this strain a great option for medicinal cannabis smokers suffering from mood problems such as depression. The deep feeling of relaxation seasoned immediately after the initial higher wears off also tends to make this strain terrific for unwinding and de-stressing immediately after a busy day. Sour OG is also great for treating mild discomfort circumstances, such as muscular and joint discomfort.

Smokers of this strain say that the initial energizing higher of Sour OG make it powerful at delivering a considerably-required power enhance if you are feeling sluggish. Possessing stated that, this energizing impact is pretty considerably a quick-lived short-term enhance and the slump felt later in the day will bring you proper back down in a hurry.

Achievable Side Effects of the Sour OG Strain

The most frequent side effects of smoking Sour OG weed are dry mouth and, to a lesser extent, dry eyes. You will unquestionably want to retain a bottle of water nearby, as you will really feel parched immediately after smoking this strain.

Some smokers of Sour OG have described feeling slightly much more anxious, dizzy and even a tiny paranoid from smoking this potent strain. Possessing stated that, if you delight in Sour OG responsibly and do not overindulge, you shouldn’t knowledge any of these adverse side effects.

Final Thoughts on the Sour OG Strain

Sour OG has emerged from its parent strain’s shadows and turn into a hugely well known and high quality strain in its personal proper. Although it is a 50/50 hybrid, it is not as nicely-balanced a strain as other hybrids out there. Sour OG may possibly not have the earth-shatteringly higher THC levels of other strains, but it is potent and not suggested for the novice cannabis smoker.

Nevertheless, seasoned recreational and medicinal cannabis smokers will delight in Sour OG’s uplifting effects and its quite a few overall health added benefits.

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