The smoked-out masterminds behind the canna-comedy classic Pineapple Express just kicked off a legit weed small business IRL.

Filmmaker Seth Rogen and his screenwriting companion, Evan Goldberg, formed a joint venture with cannabis organization Canopy Development to launch Houseplant, their new Canada-primarily based weed brand.

In an e mail statement, Rogen announced that he and Goldberg will run Houseplant’s small business finish. Canopy, which owns a 25 % stake in the organization, will manage cultivation. 

“We have been functioning on this quietly for years,” Rogen wrote, “and seeing every little thing come collectively is a dream come accurate.” 

“We could not be a lot more passionate about this organization and are devoted to performing every little thing the proper way,” he continued. “It is really crucial to us to treat cannabis with the reverence it deserves.”

The company’s initial strain, Houseplant Sativa, goes on sale subsequent month at legal retailers in B.C., with indica and hybrid strains to comply with. There are no existing plans to launch in the U.S., but Houseplant says it has “global aspirations.”

The organization also launched an IG account with a series of 12 posts that type the organization logo and include information about the three strains plus pictures of the flower and colorful item packaging.


In a separate statement, Canopy’s president and co-chief executive, Merk Zekulin, noted that the Hollywood honchos’ intimate know-how of — ahem — floral connoisseurship produced the deal a no-brainer.

“We have been finding to know the Houseplant group for pretty a when now,” wrote Zekulin, “and continue to be impressed by their understanding of the cannabis customer, interest to detail, and drive towards their vision.” 


Rogen is not the initial noted smoker to companion with Canopy. In 2016, the one particular and only Snoop Dogg teamed up with Canopy for Canadian rights to the Leafs by Snoop cannabis brand. 

But the genuine query burning on everyone’s minds: will Houseplant sell the weed strain produced renowned by Rogen and Goldberg, Pineapple Express? 

Possibly not any time quickly, if ever.

Canada’s super-strict weed marketing laws ban celebrity endorsements for cannabis solutions. So even even though the duo developed some of the 2000s’ and 2010s’ most iconic comedy flicks — gigglefests like Superbad, This is the Finish, Knocked Up, and Sausage Celebration — do not anticipate Houseplant solutions to sprout up in any of their upcoming motion pictures. Or any other motion pictures, for that matter.

The marketing ban also signifies that, for now, Rogen and Goldberg likely cannot hustle something branded “Pineapple Express,” either.

But weed’s weed, proper? Pineapple or otherwise, all aboard!