Kicking off the Cannabis Forum Summer season 2019 speaker lineup is a single of the major THC-infused meals brands, Kiva Confections. Kristi Knoblich Palmer, the company’s co-founder and COO, and a pioneer of the market, will take the stage on June 14 in New York City.

Launched in 2010, Kiva has grown to 550 cannabis dispensaries across six states, which includes its house marketplace of California, and at the moment has the #1 ideal promoting cannabis infused chocolate item, Kiva’s Blueberry Terra bites.

Employing Kiva and other brands as a springboard, Knoblich Palmer will present her thoughts on the evolution of brand conventions inside the cannabis space. With practically a decade of knowledge in the recreational and healthcare space, she brings an artist’s eye to the visual attributes of a prosperous cannabis brand, but beyond that, she understands the bigger context in which these brands must…

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