Supreme Pods Evaluation – Surprisingly Efficient, Effective and Flavorful

Supreme Pods, also identified as Supreme G Extracts pods, are THC pods that are compatible with Juul batteries. Although they appear to be created from Supreme, they’re truly from the creators of Canawoods according to their Instagram account. Immediately after reviewing the Supreme G Pods, they surprisingly turned out to be remarkable tasting and effective, effectively created pods.


  • Astounding taste
  • Effective hardware
  • Thick hits


  • Inaccurate lab final results
  • Does not really feel as potent

Suggestions: Offer updated versions of their lab final results.

It is unfortunate how they shared inauthentic lab final results. Photo from datdude41510

As shown above, Supreme G Extracts shared their lab final results, displaying high-quality and potent oil. The unfortunate issue is that DatDude41510 contacted the business that tested Supreme G’s, they claimed they never ever tested them.

supreme pods strawberry cough
Strawberry cough offers an remarkable flavor, tasting identical to strawberry candy.

When I very first un-packaged this pod, I didn’t anticipate significantly just since I believed that they are initially created by Supreme themselves. Supreme might not have a trustworthy background but from our investigation, they appear to be produced by yet another business. Even even though they’re initially created by Canawoods, neither business has significantly info about them nor are located on Weed maps.

Regardless of their lack of origins, we did enjoy virtually every little thing about the Supreme G pods. From the way it rips to the taste, they turned out to be really effective and smooth. Anything about this Pod is that at very first, you will need to pull it three instances to truly start out finding great hits. This enables the distillate to absorb into the coil, permitting it to burn effectively.

supreme pods package
To start out truly finding great rips you have to take a handful of hits in advance.
supreme g pods oil quality
The distillate do have a good sturdy and thick density to it, but do not really feel as potent as they appear.

The Supreme G Pods holds 1000 mg/1 gram of distillate inside the pod. Though they claim to be at 94% THC, there is no legit or genuine tests to genuinely back that up. With that getting stated,  Supreme G pods did personally lack potency in their distillate. Even even though the oil is thick in density, the higher felt light. Nevertheless satisfying, but I necessary many hits to even really feel a great buzz. Great issue that this Supreme Pod is really effective, permitting you to hit it a lot without having wasting significantly oil.

The flavor we attempted was Strawberry Cough and it has such a fascinating taste to it, it is not harsh what so ever. Every single hit, all by means of out the pod constantly hits smooth and clean, never ever rough nor would it drawback. This unique strain tasted a lot like a strawberry candy. Once more, it was good and light, the flavor didn’t taste as well sturdy nor taste artificial. If only they offered with new lab final results, I can guarantee what’s in the distillate, creating them far more trustworthy.

This pod lasted me about three-four days, which is regular for me to finish a gram of distillate. Anything I noticed is how long and tough it is, creating it straightforward to conserve your oil. Due to the fact of how light it was for me, I did vape it regularly and far more usually than not. This resulted in me finishing the pod a lot faster than if I would if it had been far more potent.

supreme pods atomizer
The atomizer utilizes a wicked wire that is denser and larger than any ordinary pods and cartridges.

Disarming the Supreme pod was surprisingly straightforward to take apart. All I did was detach the bottom plastic with pliers, and the coil must be in a position to come off conveniently. In addition, this pod utilizes a wick that is wrapped about cotton, comparable to the hemp pods. Only distinction is, in contrast to the hemp pods, these pods are truly tough and of high-quality. They constantly give fantastic tasting hits, I do not believe I ever got any harsh or burnt hits all through the pod.

What if my Supreme Pod is leaking?

This is a big challenge with most Juul compatible pods. Some pods cannot withstand the density of oil and begins leaking either on the bottom or mouth piece. If this takes place, the very best issue you can do is transform the pod and move the oil from a single pod or cartridge to yet another.

Though there is not significantly you can do fixing it, you can do a handful of items to stop this from taking place. Initially off, do NOT maintain the pod in the Juul for in depth periods of time. This will lead to it to slightly drip out from the bottom of the pod. Also, these pods must be sealed with the piece of plastic currently offered underneath the pod itself. If you break the seal or leave it in warm temperatures, this can lead to it to leak. You can also stop this by removing your Supreme Pod when charging your battery.

Supreme G Pods vs Bare Pods

supreme pods vs bare pods
Taking a closer appear, Bare Pods use a ceramic coil, which does give really light hits. As for Supreme Pods, they stronger, wicked coil.

Each remarkable tasting pods, at the very same time neither have official lab final results out. But without having a doubt, Supreme Pods do rip a lot greater than the Bare Pods. Bare pods might be a bit far more credible, but they use such a weak coil on their pod. This tends to make it difficult to get any great hits, whereas Supreme Pods constantly give thick hits.

From an inside appear, the Supreme G Pods has a far more effective atomizer compared to the Bare Pod. Due to the fact of this, I would favor Supreme pods more than Bare’s, the coil actually does make a distinction in smoke high-quality.

In conclusion, the Supreme pod actually is enjoyable and mellow to vape. As pointed out earlier, the most significant downside is that there are no official lab final results to show them clean. We cannot be as well certain what specifically is in this pod or if it includes any sort of pesticides at all.

Hopefully they resolve this dilemma quickly, this might lead to future suspicion for lots of dab and cartridge fanatics. Other than this, I do suggest you attempt Supreme Pods flavors if you ever come across them! For you heavy smokers (based which flavor) they may possibly not really feel as sturdy, but are tasteful and effective. As for light smokers, this is fantastic if you do not want to get baked in the very first handful of hits.


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