Bipartisan Legislation to Totally Repeal Marijuana Prohibition Passed By way of Initially Reading in Hawaii Senate


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Hawaii’s Senate has passed by way of its initial reading a measure that would completely repeal marijuana prohibition.

Senate Bill 702 was filed by Senator Kalani English along with six bipartisan cosponsors. The measure was introduced on January 18, and was passed by way of its initial reading yesterday. The measure will have to be passed by way of two much more readings, and by the Property of Representatives, just before it can go to David Ige for consideration.

The legislation “Repeals criminal prohibitions and penalties pertaining to marijuana”, correctly legalizing it all through the state and ending the decades-lengthy prohibition on the plant. The complete text of the measure can be located by clicking right here.

A separate measure that “Legalizes the individual use, possession, and sale of marijuana in a specified quantity” and “Requires licensing to operate marijuana establishments” was also passed by way of its initial reading these days. That proposal is Senate Bill 686.


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